Sunday, 29 November 2015

Our Decora Christmas Trees!

It's the first Sunday in advent and Christmas has officially arrived in the Life in the Kawaii Lane household!

While we were in Japan we decided that we just had to do a super decora Christmas tree this year, and the best way to achieve that, was to create a TsumTsum Christmas Tree!!! WE LOVE TSUMTSUMS and have grown quite a collection! So after a bit of planning, and purchasing a new white tree and rainbow lights, we put up our main Christmas tree!

There are 6 medium TsumTsums and 40 small Tsum Tsums on our tree! They are dotted all around the tree so that you can even see the kawaiiness from the street:

We searched high and low for a super kawaii tree topper but had no success, so instead we used the 2015 Christmas TsumTsums and stacked them at the top of the tree:

I don't think we could have found a more Kawaii topper! 

And here is our super Kawaii TsumTsum tree all lit up in the dark:

KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! We've even been having people stop in the street to look at it and have had people pay us compliments when they've seen us outside! <3

If you have been reading the blog long enough you will have seen that we have three trees that we put up in our living room (we have a very big room!) and with so many Tsums not making it onto the main tree we just had to use some on one of our smaller trees, so here's our baby TsumTsum tree!

At the bottom of the tree we have put our light up Tsums that we bought from the Entertainer! How cute are their cheeks!!! We used Tink as our fairy:

Shes nestled at the top with Chip and Dale just below her ^^. 

Here it is all lit up in the dark:

Our last tree is a teeny pink one. Last year we decorated it with Hello Kitty charms, but to keep up the rainbow decora theme, we've used Pretty Cure Magical Girls!!

How super Kawaii do they look!!! Here it is in the dark:


We have a few other bits and pieces dotted around the house for Christmas but one new item we have Mr surprised me with! We had been looking for a Kawaii tub to hold sweeties to offer guests over Christmas, so Mr went on the hunt and found this super Kawaii Christmas Stocking Tokyo Disneyland popcorn bucket!

Super cute isn't it!!! It's even got Minnie and Mickey on the lid dressed as gingerbread people! And it lights up!

This is sitting right next to our mini TsumTsum tree and is full of our favourite Christmas chocs!

Mmmmmmm Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments! NOM!!

So that's our 2015 Christmas Trees!! I think we're going to have to plan next year's trees well in advance as I think this year's will be hard to beat!! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! 

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