Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Birthday at the Kawaii Monster Cafe!!!!!! ^^

I was super lucky to be in Tokyo for my birthday! I have never been away for my birthday before and was really looking forward to it, then I saw the Kawaii Monster Cafe, created by Sebastian Masuda, open in Harajuku and I thought I was going to POP with excitement!!!

We started my birthday with PRESENTS!!!! I knew what I was getting as I had hand picked each item from 6%DokiDoki ^^ but Mr took them all away from me till my birthday! Finally I got my hands on my decora accessories!!

I bought a few sets of matching hair bobbles, a couple of new bows(!), a few pairs of earrings, a ring, a super decora necklace, a brooch and the Sebastian Masuda bear! ^^ a super cute haul and enough accessories to take me through to our next visit ;) THANK YOU MR XXXX

After cooing over my new decora accessories I put on my most Kawai outfit, fastened my bows and we headed to Harajuku!

Having heard of the queues at the Kawaii Monster Cafe we arrived in Harajuku early! We had a stroll down the Takeshita Dori and headed to the Cafe once we got to the end of it. We were the first to arrive which meant first in the queue!!

With wall art like this you can't miss it!! We arrived about an hour before it opened, which seems overly early, but with some of the booths inside limited (which was what we wanted) you need to get in quick! And we were soon joined by other fans who were equally excited to get inside! To entertain you while you wait theres a huge egg with a TV and adverts for the Cafe rolling on it:

I think this was to help pass the time but to be honest it just built the excitement!!! As opening time approached the Cafe started to come to life:

A hostess came out and gave the queue of people (there was quite a few of us by then!) a menu to check out before letting us in, just look at all the super kawaii food and drink!!

If only food and drink was this Kawaii back home! Anyway, finally it opened and they showed us a tablet with the areas available to sit in, there's the Mushroom Disco, Milk Stand, Bar Experiment and Mel-Tea Room. We chose the Milk Stand!!

We got a booth right next to the SUPER KAWAII Sweets Go Round!

It was the most Kawaii place I have ever been! And I can't imagine there's anywhere more Kawaii on Earth!! The Sweets Go Round moved the whole time so I took some extra shots of what was on it!

Once we were settled in our booth we were given another tablet to pick our order, only the tablet was slightly different this time:

It was a big Kawaii cake!! After having a play, we picked a dessert and drink each:

They serve a wide range of drinks, but as Mr and I don't drink alcohol we picked the Experiment (left) and Noctilucent (right) cocktails and kept swapping! They were delicious!! Here's Mr mixing up the Experiment cocktail!

For our sweets I picked half a Colourful Poison Cake (Chemical), as it was my birthday and all, and Mr picked the Monster Girl Ice Cream (CRAZY).

Well we picked these but again ended up swapping as they were super delicious!!! The ice cream was ramune *MMMMMMM* ^^

As we ate the Monster Girls walked round talking to diners and we ended up chatting to Monster Girl NASTY and Monster Girl BABY:

They were so lovely and friendly!! Monster Girl NASTY even practiced her English on us! She did really well and looked over the moon when we gave her a compliment on how well she spoke it! ^^

You can't really walk around and take pics as people are eating but I managed to get a few pics to show you what it's all like inside! Our area, the Milk Stand was covered in milk bottles and large animal heads drinking the milk:

How Kawaii!!!! I couldn't choose between the bunny and unicorn for my fav so I'll give it to them both! Opposite our booths was the Mushroom Disco area:

Beyond that you can see an area with lips all over the wall!! 

And here's the Bar Experiment:

It's blue in the pic but the colours constantly changed! Here was another area for diners:

The place was oozing Kawaii everywhere you looked! Even the bathrooms were SUPER KAWAII!!

This is officially my bathroom life goal!! It's so decora! ^^ When I got back to my seat we started to prepare to ask for the bill when........we saw him!!!

The Kawaii King himself, Sebastian Masuda was sneaking around the Cafe checking out the dining room! I managed to catch his eye and asked for a pic.....and he said YES!!

I still can't believe we met him!! I adore his work and will forever remember this birthday!! After a quick chat he disappeared and we headed out! On your way to pay you come to a small gift shop, and as it was my birthday Mr treated me to a few more goodies to commemorate the experience!

I picked this super cute Kawaii Monster Cafe tote, a pass holder and a mirror. I'm considering colouring my bag in to make it extra personalised and kawaii, what do you think?

Anyway, that was my birthday, we were even seen out by the Kawaii Monster himself:

It was the best birthday I have ever had! The Kawaii Monster Cafe was more than I had imagined and has inspired me to keep being as kawaii as I can! If you're ever in Tokyo make sure you check it out for yourselves! It's the Kawaiiest experience you can get!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


GoGo said...

Do u need to book in advance ? I’m thinking of celebrating my kids birthday there

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

We didn't but we got there very early to get the best table!

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