Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mimi - The Rabbit Cafe ^^

When we were planning our trip to Japan we decided to check out the various types of animal cafes that were available, as we already have a cat, we wanted to see what other types of animals you can visit in Japan's quirky animal cafes. Knowing how much I love rabbits, Mr managed to find the most Kawaii rabbit cafe in Ikebukuro!!

Mimi is a super cute rabbit cafe in a building just down from the Sunshine City Mall and with a door like this, once you have made your way up the stairs in the building, you can't miss it! The cafe opened at 11am and was open till late in the evening. They had several options for you to select when visiting, 1/2 hour or a full hour, and included a drink! We picked a full hour, but I could have stayed so much longer! Once you went inside you were asked to switch your shoes for a pair of crocs and steralise your hands. Once you had done this you were given a super cute SWIMMER apron to wear!

Isn't it Kawaii?! There were three sections in the room and guests were shown into different areas and given a low seat to sit on. Once everyone was in and ready, out came the rabbits!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!! We were each given a pot of food for the rabbits and they came running for it! They were jumping all over us!

The rabbits were so cute and were so relaxed around us! They were sitting up on people's laps enjoying fuss:

Even Mr gained a new friend!

The whole room was so relaxed, the ceiling was painted with a blue sky and fluffy white clouds and they were playing a CD of lullaby Disney theme songs! It was so nice!! Guests could move between the different areas to mix with the different rabbits, and all of the rabbits were litter tray trained! Any rogue rabbit poops were swiftly brushed up by the owners!

We stayed in the one area as the rabbits and played with the rabbits in our area. They were all mingling round getting feed and fuss off guests:

This one really took to Mr:

Once they had had enough food the rabbits just lounged round the guests enjoying the air conditioning:

They didn't just have food from us, they also had fresh hay dotted about for them:

They seemed to be really happy little bunnies! I wish I could have brought them home with us!! Once we had all settled down with the bunnies we were given our drinks, I had orange juice and Mr had tea:

The rabbits and guests were really well looked after by the owners. There weren't many of us allowed in at once which was nice, the rabbits had lots of space and you relaxed very quickly.

The rabbits were beautiful, this one was sooooooo soft to the touch:

Rabbit butts!

And this one is relaxing under my legs ^^

We had such a super Kawaii time at the rabbit cafe! It was so friendly, the rabbits were so well looked after and it's made us want to get some of our own >< !

If you're looking to visit an animal cafe in Japan, then we definitely recommend Mimi!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!!

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