Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Love Live! Nico Special!!

I love Love Live! and my absolute favourite character has to be Nico Yazawa!! (she reminds me of Pinkuiropixie ^^)

Nico-Nico-Nii!!! ^^

It's not easy to come by good Love Live! merchandise in the UK, so when we visited Tokyo I knew I had to make the most of it! I won this kawaii badge in a game center in Shinjuku - they had lots of different Love Live! characters but I was lucky and this Nico badge was quite easy to get! (only 1 attempt!!)

Of course my favourite part of Tokyo, Akihabara, was the ideal place to find all sorts of kawaii Nico character goods!

There were loads of keyrings available, so I made sure to grab them all!! I already knew I was going to have a 'Nico Decora Zip' on my 3DS case and these were perfect!  First up, this μ's crest keyring:

Next was this rubber charm keyring featuring a chibi Nico!

Then there was this cute 'sketch' style one:

Finally a 3D effect one that features Nico in both school uniform and idol outfit:

Of course, that was no where near enough to decorate my 3DS case, so I picked up a few charms to boost the Nico power!!

First up a rubber charm that looks like a chibi-Nico is being picked up! ^^

Next up, Nico in her outfit from "Snow halation"

Then I got a rubber charm of Nico in one of her most famous outfits:

Finally I got this super Kawaii metal charm:

I also got this *huge* strap charm - this will be very helpful in adding the keyrings to my 3DS case!

When I saw these oversized screen cleaner charms I knew I had to get one - Nico's wearing a Kawaii bunny outfit!!

I had seen Love Live! plush graphigs in the game centers, but they were too difficult to win so I'd given up hope... Thankfully a store in Akiba had them available to buy; of course I snapped up a Nico to come back to the UK!

Finally, and after much encouragement from Pinkuiropixie, I got a Nendoroid of Nico for our kawaii figure display in our living room.  I wasn't sure about getting it to start with as Nendoroids are quite pricey - but their quality and detailing is second to none, so we decided we couldn't miss out on grabbing a Nico figure while we were in Akiba.

She comes with some additional parts so you can change her expression and pose! The box features some of the poses you can make:

There's so much kawaii merchandise for Love Live! - whoever your favourite character is, be sure to check shops out, you never know what you'll find!

Mata ne!

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