Monday, 23 November 2015

Japanese Theme Park Headwear!

Whether it's DisneySea, Puroland or Tokyo Disneyland, there was one must-have accessory - fun and kawaii headwear!

In DisneySea Pinkuiropixie picked out a pair of Minnie ears decorated with a mini plush of Minnie wearing the same outfit we saw here in at the entrance to the park! <3

It even features the same bow with heart details as Minnie wears!

In Puroland Mr couldn't resist this crazy Gudetama hat!

When worn it looks like Gudetama is lying on Mr's head with his little body hanging off the back!

Pinkuiropixie thought long and hard about which headwear to get in Puroland... on previous visits she'd bought Kuromi and anniversary Kitty headbands, but this time she wanted something from another of her favourite Sanrio characters, so she got this Cinammoroll headband!

It's got Cinnamoroll's long ears and a cute coffee cup on the top!

Finally, at Disneyland we chose some new headbands - of course, Pinkuiropixie wanted to show her love of Minnie, so she decided on this pastel blue set of ears:

The bow is super Kawaii and the earrings are different from most other Minnie ears you can get in the parks.

Mr spotted a fun headband with a Toy Story Alien theme!

He wore it all day and even posed with some Alien statues for an OOOOOOOH photo opportunity! The passersby thought he was so funny!

If you go to a theme park in Japan a huge part of the fun is getting in the spirit - and everyone else is doing it, so you won't stand out!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^
Pinkuiropixie and Mr

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