Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ikebukuro Special - J-World and Namja Town!

During our trip to Tokyo we knew we wanted to visit Ikebukuro, which was a part of Tokyo we hadn't visited before.  There's *loads* to see and do in Ikebukuro and it's really easy to get to from Shinjuku, so we headed there with a checklist of things we wanted to do!

One of the main things on the checklist was Sunshine City - home of malls, resaurants and lots of attractions!

On the way from the station to Sunshine City there's lots of shops (including a Sanrio Gift Gate - a fellow tourist asked me to take their picture in front of it! ^^), places to eat, cafes and game centers. We popped into the Sega Game Center and Pinkuiropixie won me a Halloween Stitch plush mascot! <3

Although, we did have to ask one of the helpful staff to move Stitch as he was hidden too far for the claw to reach!

Anyway, there's loads of things to do in Sunshine City - there's even an aquarium and an observation deck (which was closed ><; ).  Two of the most famous attractions at Sunshine City are J-World and Namja Town!

First up we visited J-World:

Yes, it's themed around JUMP anime - One Piece, Dragonball Z and Naruto are the main three anime there, but there's also others like Kuroko no Basuke (which is really popular in Japan!).

There's two types of tickets - an entrance ticket, which lets you enjoy the sites, visit the shop and restaurant and play the free attractions; and an 'unlimited attractions ticket' which lets you play the paid attractions as often as you like.

Being a big One Piece fan, my favourite area was the area themed after the Mugiwara Pirates and their friends! There's a super kawaii carousel as a centerpiece:

Check it out - a Chopper bike/boat!  Of course, the Mugiwaras' shipwright/engineer Franky made the carousel, and it's got a badge to prove it!

In this area there is also an animatronic Brook which gives a musical show!

The Dragonball Z area was a really popular area with lots of attractions and photo spots:

As we were walking around, there were Gachapon machines dotted around with special J-World limited charms! Of course, I couldn't resist and got one of each! I got Chopper from One Piece, Majin Buu from Dragonball Z and Gaara from Naruto:

As you'd expect, the charms are really good quality, with lots of intricate detail.

After taking in the sights, we were a bit peckish, so checked out the restaurant area.  We picked some Dragonball Z chicken and some Gintama fries:

And what goes after a meal? That's right, a dessert! ^^  We picked two of the special themed cakes, first up was the strawberry One Piece cake:

The Luffy and Chopper hats were made from chocolate!  The other dessert was the Naruto chocolate cake:

Both were delicious and were decorated with kawaii references to the anime!

After eating we decided to go check out Namja Town on the floor below!

Namja Town is basically a theme park all about food and its cat mascots.  It's really unusual - but as well as lots to eat (mostly gyoza!) there's lots to see and do too!

Near the entrance there's a shop full of limited goods - including these B-Side Label collaboration stickers:

I also picked up one of the limited edition Hetalia: Axis Powers keyrings - I chose China (basically for the panda!!):

There's a few areas - including an arcade where the UFO Catchers are decorated to look like the Namja Town mascots:

Here Pinkuiropixie won me a super cute Bushinyan plush mascot! Isn't he Kawaii?!

Most of Namja Town is themed to look like an old fashioned Japanese town:

There's even an old Japanese house you can go into:

There's also a large spooky area that's themed after a haunted village!

There's lots of creepy kawaii decorations in this area! Check out these spooky lanterns:

Throughout Namja Town there are lots of gachapon machines, but they are themed to fit the attraction - some are statues that you have to turn, others were designed to look like old fashioned stalls like this machine selling caramels:

Some of these machines had special limited items featuring the different mascots of Namja Town - I got a badge and a keyring from two different machines... and they were the same character!!

His name is Ootama - he's one chunky little dude!

Of course, Namja Town is famous for food, especially gyoza, but there were also these cute Sailor Moon themed ice creams:

Both J-World and Namja Town are fun places to visit, hang out and eat! As you can choose either entrance-only or unlimited attraction tickets for both you can buy the best ticket for you, which can help save some money while still enjoying the sights!

If you go to Ikebukuro I recommend you check them both out - J-World had a few more free attractions than Namja Town, but Namja Town has lots more food on offer if that's your thing!

Mata ne!

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