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Disney Fashion from Japan!

As you might already know, we are huge Disney fans at Life in the Kawaii Lane so we took the opportunity to add to our wardrobes while in Tokyo as there were all sorts of Disney fashion items from clothes to bags and accessories.

The fashion retailer Uniqlo has collaborated with Disney for some time and in the summer they announced even more plans.  Uniqlo is really good value for money, so it's always worth checking out what they have to offer!

First up was a short sleeve sweatshirt featuring Ariel:

As you'll know, Pinkuiropixie loves The Little Mermaid - so she also chose a 'Mermaid At Heart' t-shirt:

They had lots more - including this all-over print shirt featuring the iconic Disney Princesses:

Here's a close up of the design - it features lots of Pinkuiropixie's favourites alongside Ariel like Belle and Jasmine!

Finally at Uniqlo Pinkuiropixie picked this Alice in Wonderland design shirt:

Then it was Mr's turn! First up he chose this Star Wars stormtrooper sweatshirt:

Mr then moved on to the shirts - this shirt featuring the Alien from Toy Story was a must buy!

Finally Mr chose a Mickey-themed shirt:

It's part of the Mickey 100 Project - Uniqlo invited 100 of Disney's creative people to re-imagine Mickey Mouse and several of the designs were available in store.

Another good spot to check out for Disney fashion is the Disney Store (of course!). As autumn is here and winter is approaching they had a selection of hoodies available... Pinkuiropixie loves hoodies, so we made the most of the opportunity! First up was this Seven Dwarfs hoodie:

The pocket is furry to represent the Dwarf's beards - don't they look cute peeking out?! But, hold on a minute, there's only 6 dwarfs there... where's Dopey?!

There he is on the back! ^^

The Disney Store in Japan also features collaborations with various Japanese designer brands - this special edition Minnie Mouse hoodie by Putumayo was a must-purchase!

There's lots of super kawaii detail on this hoodie - from the spotty trims on the cuffs and pockets to the bow on the back:

And yes, the hood does feature Minnie ears! <3

Other collaborations have featured designs by h.NAOTO, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty. Angelic Pretty designed this super cute Rapunzel tote:

As you'd expect, the bag is really high quality; the print is gorgeous.

We also picked up this shopper tote featuring stylised versions of lots of Disney characters:

The shopper folds up, so it's perfect for popping in a bag or pocket just in case you need a kawaii way of carrying your shopping! ^^

The design features lots of Disney Princesses (and Alice):

But it also features these heroines' friends - like Flounder, Olaf, Cogsworth and the White Rabbit - and also some villains like Ursula, Maleficent and Jafar!

It's a really cute design and it's sure to be useful too!

Of course, no post about Disney Fashion from Japan would be complete without mentioning some of the super kawaii goods available at Tokyo Disney Resort! From the designs available, it felt like Disney was trying to encourage decora style - so of course, Pinkuiropixie was in her element!!

First up were these colourful Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck shirts.


Disney Resort features lots of goods like this; similar designs in different colours - many groups of
friends will buy these shirts with each one wearing a different colour; super cute!

Another popular shirt was the classic rainbow all-over print (you might remember the Mickey Mouse hoodie) - this time Pinkuiropixie chose the Minnie Mouse shirt:

It's so Decora!! ^^

Next up was this The Little Mermaid themed all-over print shirt.  The front features Ariel and Prince Eric in the boat from the Kiss The Girl scene <3

The back features Flounder and Sebastian:

It's so colourful and kawaii!!  Next up was this Sulley hoodie and shorts set.  It's really soft and fluffy!

Perfect for lazy nights in front of a Disney movie! ^^

Of course, Pinkuiropixie's hoodie collection also received a boost in Tokyo Disney Resort! This pink Minnie and Daisy all over print hoodie is adorable!

Next were two super kawaii hoodies featuring characters from two of Pinkuiropixie's favourite Disney movies.  First up is Aladdin:

It's got Jasime, Genie, Aladdin, Abu, Jafar and Iago! The colours are really vibrant and eye-catching.

Next is this The Little Mermaid hoodie featuring Ariel, Flounder, Eric, Sebastian, Triton and Ursula:

The colours in the print mean this will go with almost any outfit!

Mr also got in on the kawaii fashion - he picked up this Disney x New Era snapback featuring silhouettes of the Big 6:

It's another awesome addition to the cap collection!!

Long time readers of Life in the Kawaii Lane will know about the Japanese love of carabiners - they are always useful items and it's difficult to find kawaii ones in the UK, so we picked up these Monsters, Inc. ones:

Of course, you can't be Decora without lots of accessories, so Pinkuiropixie chose some to add to her collection.  First up were these earring sets for The Little Mermaid, Monsters, Inc., Beauty and the Beast and Disney Resort foods!

The Tropical Fruit Mickey ice lolly is super kawaii!! <3

Next were these Toy Story earring pairs - Mr and Mrs Potato Head and the Aliens (oooooh!):

The acrylic character head and speech bubble sets are super cute - Mickey and Minnie were first up, but then we found the Sulley, Mike, Stitch, Jessie, Ham and Alien sets:

These are just perfect for all sorts of Decora outfits and the wide range of colours gives plenty of options too!

Pinkuriopixie couldn't resist this Monsters, Inc. necklace and earrings - the bows are all real fabric!

Spooky Kawaii!!

Finally, we won these mini backpack style pouches in a Shinjuku game center.  These are useful for conventions, events and even just days out!

The detailing on these are really cute; Minnie's bow, Fantasia Mickey's sorcerer hat and the Mad Hatter's teapot are all super kawaii!

We love finding new cute clothes and accessories and Disney in Japan certainly didn't disappoint!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Pinkuiropixie and Mr

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