Monday, 16 November 2015

Candy Show Time! ^^

Candy Show Time is a chain of super cute handmade candy stores you can find in Tokyo and in other cities around Japan.

We visited their main store in Omotesando during our visit and not only do they produce gems of delicious candy, but they do it in front of you!

The store is decorated with candy and smells so good! When we were there they were making Halloween candy:

They were so quick and precise at making them! And a worker was walking around the store offering customers a taster of the candy they were in the middle of making! We tasted the candy in the pic above, it was orange and pineapple and tasted amazing!! We loved it so much we bought some! And even brought some home! In fact we picked a few sets of their candy as they sounded delicious!

On the left is the Happy Halloween selection, this contains the orange and pineapple candy as well as pink grapefruit (pink), grape (purple), peach yogurt (multi coloured), cola (black and white) and energy drink (green) flavoured candy! Mr also picked the Nameko Saibai Kit candy set which contains cola (brown), strawberry milk (pink), cassis grape (white), ramune(!)(blue) and pineapple mango (yellow) flavoured candy! Each of the Nameko Saibai candy has a face on from the characters! Kawaii!!!

The store is full of sets you can buy so if you go have a good look around!! They also do mini sets as well!

Here we have from left to right, darjeeling tea, strawberry milk and lemon squash! NOM!!! And they are so reasonably priced! Large sets are between 400 and 700 yen and the small sets are even cheaper!!

They do more than just candy as well! They do accessories!!! Accessories based on their candy!! CUTE!!! I just had to pick some bits up while we were there, first I picked up these super cute earrings with rainbow candy lollipops!

They were part of a set of accessories so I also picked up the matching ring:

The rings come on expandable bands so don't worry about sizing. I also picked up their base candy charm bracelet and a few selected charms!

The base bracelet comes with the first Candy Show Time charm on it, I chose the three candy lollipops and the Halloween charm that was available while we were there ^^ Isn't it super Kawaii!!

Candy Show Time changes its ranges with the seasons and holidays and also has an online store! If you're in the neighbourhood make sure you check them out!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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