Sunday, 15 November 2015

Brand Review - B-SIDE LABEL

B-SIDE LABEL is an awesome brand of stickers from Japan.  They are sold in all sorts of places including the famous Tokyu Hands, but they also have a handful of stores in cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya.  We've been to the Harajuku store a few times now and it is one of the friendliest shops in the whole of Tokyo! The staff are all super friendly and love to hear about where you've come from!

The store is on Cat Street in Ura-Harajuku and it's a super cool place:

The stickers are hard wearing vinyl and are really high quality.  They have thousands of stickers in stock, including lots of kawaii designs like these:

They have seasonal stickers too, so we picked up some Halloween ones while we were there:

They have lots of quirky and cool designs too, like this fun design:

A handy tip if you visit the B-SIDE LABEL store - some designs have alternate (limited to the store) colour ways, these are at the back of the rack so don't forget to check them out!

The brand has also collaborated with companies, such as the current Capcom x B-SIDE collection, which features characters like Mega Man and Masamune Date (from Sengoku Basara):

We even got to pick a couple of free stickers, these were mystery stickers as you couldn't see the designs (it was like picking a card for a magic trick ^^).  We got these two:

I love the We Are Udon Tribe sticker!!

They also sell accessories featuring some of their most popular designs, from scrunchies and key rings to badges:

They've even produced phone cases and travel mugs so you can enjoy some B-SIDE LABEL style on the go:

We've picked up a fair few B-SIDE stickers - I've used some on a carry case for one of my hobbies:

The Akuma bear is one of the B-SIDE iconic characters - and the Kappa sticker was just too cute to miss out on!

We love B-SIDE so much, we decided to cover the LITKL laptop in them and during our last trip we picked up the small cat girl sticker to fill the last gap of any size!

We love B-SIDE LABEL - the quality is awesome, there is a massive range of designs to choose from, the staff are friendly and their shop is so cool!  Check them out if you get the chance!

Mata ne!

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