Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Asakusa, Sky Tree Solamachi and Akiba!

We had so much planned during our trip to Tokyo there were some times when we hit up lots of fun places in just one day!  One of these days we started by visiting Asakusa - a part of Tokyo known for traditional goods and the super famous Kaminarimon!

Go past the lantern and you'll see a long shopping area (called Nakamise) packed with small shops selling souvenirs, food, clothes and more! 

As we browsed the shops we picked up gifts for our family, but we couldn't resist a couple of cute magnets for our collection! We chose a sampuru style bowl (Asakusa is famous for sampuru making) and a super Kawaii little Rikishi! ^^

That Ebi Tempura looks almost good enough to eat! ^^

Mr also picked up a cute charm of Stitch with the Sky Tree (as Asakusa is so close to the Sky Tree you can get lots of souvenirs in Nakamise!):

Mr took the opportunity to try out a traditional Japanese treat, a filled fritter.  Mr opted for the custard filling (less traditional!) - it was freshly made and delicious!

After visiting the shops on Nakamise and Sensōji we decided to head to the Sky Tree as we wanted to visit the Solamachi mall.  On the way to the station there's an awesome view of the Sky Tree:

As we neared the station we met two kawaii mascots!

They were giving out free whole Daikon!?!

Then we jumped on a train to Solamachi:

Solamachi is a large mall full of shops selling clothes, accessories and more.  We checked out Punyus and the area full of shops selling all kinds of foods before returning to a small café we'd visited before that sells Toast Sets!

Just look how thick the bread is!! After eating we decided to head to Akihabara to do some otaku-style shopping!

Akihabara (known as Akiba) is Mr's favourite - it's full of game centers, maid cafés and shops selling every kind of anime, manga and game item you can think of!  The whole area is full of bright and colourful buildings trying to get your attention:

Mr indulged in Akiba - first up he got these cute keyrings featuring chibi versions of Date Masamune and Wang Yuanji!

He also picked up some supplies for the various Kawaii card games we play (like the Pokémon card game).  First up was this cute deck box featuring a cute mermaid!

Of course, you have to have sleeves for your cards - and Japanese sleeves are the best (according to Mr anyway!!), so he bought some to protect his decks:

From left to right these feature Harusame (from Kantai Collection), Megurine Luka the vocaloid and Super Sonico.  It was only when we were writing this post that he noticed they've all got pink hair. ^^

In one store we picked up a few Kawaii items, first was this Nendoroid Co-de figure of Manaka Lalaa from PriPara!

There are other figures from the series too - maybe we'll be lucky and get the others one day!

Then Pinkuiropixie chose a Kirby lace bracelet - these types of bracelets were everywhere in Tokyo!

Finally Pinkuiropixie picked up a Sailor Moon blind bag featuring lots of dresses from the show.  She got a Sailor Mercury outfit!

Of course, Akiba has lots of gachapon machines around (sometimes whole walls or shops full of them!) - we couldn't miss out on the fun!  First up we got these light-up Sailor Moon charms:

Finally, and still on a Sailor Moon theme - there was a collection of Sailor Moon charms, and the one featuring Luma and Artemis on a moon came with a chain bracelet to wear your collection on:

These charms are really Kawaii, the pinks (and the yellow moon) are translucent and catch the light giving a cute effect!

It's easy to check out a few places in one day in Tokyo as the transport links are so good - just do a little research before you head out so you can plan your routes to save time and make sure you see everything you want! ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Pinkuiropixie and Mr

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