Friday, 30 October 2015

Inside Head

On the plane to Japan we got to see the Disney Pixar film Inside Out. We'd missed it when it was in the cinema here, so we were happy to finally get to see it!

Well, as you might know, in Japan the film is called Inside Head (which we think makes more sense...) and the characters were a popular prize in the various Taito Stations in Shinjuku. 

During the first part of our holiday a set of rubber charm straps were available in one UFO Catcher.  Of course, once we won one of them the completionist mindset kicked in and Pinkuiropixie tried to get them all... after a few evenings she was successful!

Sadness, Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Bing Bong all accounted for!! As you can see, the packaging clearly displays Inside Head! ^^

Later on in our holiday when the arcades changed up their prizes a new Inside Head range appeared... super kawaii plush charms!! I won Pinkuiropixie a Sadness first (her favourite) - this kicked off another gaming session... most of the characters joined Sadness quite easily but Fear must have been scared to leave the UFO Catcher... but eventually we convinced him to come join his friends!

The plushes are super cute and have that stylised look that Pixar uses on its credits ^^

We are so glad we got complete sets of both collections!!

Mata ne!

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