Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Gundam Front in Odaiba

Most people know about the giant Gundam at Diver City in Odaiba right? You know the one...

Well, it's not the only Gundam themed attraction at Diver City! There's a special factory experience for you to see how the super detailed model kits are made (and have a go at making one yourself!), a special domed cinema that screens Gundam short movies, a Gundam-specialist shop and more.

Even if you don't want to go into the main attractions (professional level model kits aren't everyone's cup of tea after all!), on your way into Diver City you can still check out the satellite shop (in a special trailer unit right by the life-size Gundam) and the combined Gundam Café and souvenir store! 

Amongst the awesome model kits (yes, if they wouldn't have got crushed in our luggage on the way home, I would have indulged in a couple!!) there are plenty of kawaii items available! 

We popped to the satellite store first - this specialises in the model kits, but there are still a few cute items like plushes and this awesome T-shirt I bought:

I don't know why, I just find Acguys super cute! ^^;

Next we went to the Gundam Café and Shop to see what was on offer there.

An affordable memento that's really popular in Japan are badges! They are all cute, but we both chose our favourite designs:

The one in the middle is Pinkuiropixie's, the other two are mine! ^^ (I couldn't pick just one!)

The Gundam Café Manager is so cute I also picked up a rubber charm of it for my Decora 3DS case:

The apron even has the Café's logo on - it's just the kind of detail you expect from an iconic brand like Gundam.

As it was a Café Shop I wanted a culinary souvenir as well... what could be cooler than a pair of Gundam chopsticks?!

That's right, they are mini Beam Sabers!! How could I resist?!

Finally in the Café Shop Pinkuiropixie spotted this kawaii T-shirt featuring the characters from the badges:

She wouldn't let us leave the shop unless I bought it for myself... well I didn't need that much convincing, I mean, it's an awesome shirt, right?!

Near to both of the shops there are also Gachapon machines that contain good value souvenirs.  I grabbed a couple with some of our spare change; first up was this Gundam Front limited badge:

There was also a range of little desk buddies (have no idea what they are really called ^^; ) - small figures that each have a use on a typical desk (hold a cable, sit on a coffee mug etc).  I got this little guy:

It's designed to prop up an item (like a mobile phone or a pad) - see where its head is squashed down cause of having to hold up your stuff?! Poor little guy!

As the giant Gundam and Diver City are both worth visiting if you go to Odaiba, it's definitely a good idea to pop and check the two Gundam shops out while you are there!

Mata ne!

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