Friday, 11 September 2015

Aladdin TsumTsums! ^^

My TsumTsum collection is getting bigger by the month! Last month's collection released by the Disney Store was Aladdin themed! I LOVE ALADDIN so Mr surprised me with the complete collection!

There're 8 TsumTsums in the collection and each one is sooooo KAWAII!!! Here is Princess Jasmine and her sweetheart Aladdin:


I love the detail on the plushes even being so small!! Here's Princess Jasmine, her Dad The Sultan and her pet tiger Rajah:

Don't they just look super Kawaii!!! I love the details on The Sultan's hat! Here is Aladdin, Abu and  Genie:

And finally (boooooooo) it's Jafar and Iago!

They may be evil, but they're still cute!! ^^

I can't wait to see what TsumTsums they have available in Tokyo Disney!! Make sure you check out my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you want to see what I find on my trip!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Ahhhh!! SO CUUUUTE!!!! I know Jafar is the bad guy but he looks so cute in Tsum Tsum form!

Dannie x

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