Sunday, 13 September 2015

A spot of kawaii shopping! ^^

Now that we have our money saved for our holiday, I have been able to pick up some super Kawaii items I've spotted while shopping in Birmingham City Centre. The first place I visited was the recently opened Models Own booth in the Bullring.

They had a good deal on, 5 items for £20 so I used this as a chance to grab some new varnishes for my holiday. I picked up three of my favourite colours, which feature heavily in my clothing that I'll be taking on holiday:

These are (from left to right) Turquoise Sea, Lilac Dream and Sun Hat. They are gorgeous shades and will go perfectly with my outfits! I also picked up this lipstick:

This is Cerise Bloom! It's a really bright shade and is semi matt. I also picked up a HyperGel gel effect top coat to put on top of non HyperGel varnishes that I have:

Not a bad haul for £20! And the assistants at the booth are super helpful and friendly!

Next I picked up a new Thierry Mugler perfume. I am a huge Thierry Hugler fan and have quite a large collection, maybe I should do a post on them?! Anyway, this is a super Kawaii fragrance:

This is Angel Eau Sucrée which means Sweet Water and is a sweet based fragrance. The packaging looks like an old skool sweetie bag which I love! Inside, as is normal with Angel, the bottle is star shaped, but this fragrance has a sugar like texture around the sides of the bottle to reinforce the sweetie theme:

I love this fragrance! <3 It's sweet smelling and super kawaii.

Next, as I was picking up some TsumTsums for my niece's birthday, I got this really cute Minnie Mouse pencil case:

It's as kawaii as her TsumTsum! It was sold as a pencil case but to be honest you could use this to hold any kawaii bits you have!

The last bits I bought were these super Kawaii Lala Loopsy Tinies!

These are tiny versions of the dolls they sell, but they have been created with holes through them so they can be threaded onto a necklace!!! How KAWAII is that!! You can buy a set with thread but I have just bought these as I already have chains at home that I can use!

Here is a close up of each set so you can see which dolls are available:

If you're a regular reader you may spot tiny versions of some of the dolls I actually own! BONUS!

Anyway, that's my lot! I will post pics on my social media pages of what these look like on necklaces, and the surprise dolls I get inside the surprise pods on each set!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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