Sunday, 9 August 2015

Seller Review - The Fuzzballs

Hello everybody! It's Mr, back with another takeover!  This time I'm going to tell you all about a super Kawaii brand I discovered called The Fuzzballs!

The Fuzzballs is an online comic (check out the Fuzzballs Tumblr) and recently they launched a crowdfunding campaign to get a range of t shirts, necklaces and keyrings off the ground.  I supported the campaign as I really liked the designs and thought they'd look great for a casual Kawaii look for Pinkuiro Pixie on our trip to Tokyo. Sadly... the campaign wasn't successful ><

But not to worry - the guy behind the Fuzzballs (Hello Marc! *waves if you see this*) didn't give up and set up an Etsy store to sell Fuzzballs items! He was even generous enough to offer the crowdfunding backers a special discount...well, how could I miss that opportunity?!

I picked three t shirts and three necklaces featuring the super cute kitties and bunnies from the Fuzzballs!  The shirts are made in America and feature direct to shirt printing - these aren't cheapy iron-on transfers like some sellers use!  You can even pick from a wide range of shirt colours to make them tie in with your favourite accessories and outfits!  The shirts are good quality soft cotton and feel really nice!

The first shirt I chose was the Will Work 4 Treats design on blue:

Fuzzcat Whisky is so cute with its little sign, who could resist that!

The second design I chose was the Tigers Are Not Cupcakes shirt on purple:

Fuzztiger Timmy might not be a cupcake, but he's definitely as cute as one! ^^

The final shirt I chose was the Eat Cookies design on pink:

Pinkuiro Pixie loves bunny rabbits, so I knew she'd love this Fuzzbunny Ollie design!

I also chose three necklaces to add to my order, these are handmade in the UK:

The designs I chose included Fuzzbunny Pika eating a carrot, Fuzzcat Whisky nomming pizza and Fuzzbunny Ollie eating more cookies!  There are loads more designs available in the Etsy store too.

You can get all the necklace designs as keyrings as well and Marc was super thoughtful and included a keyring for me in the Eat Cookies design ^^

The items came really quickly and Marc was great at keeping me informed about my order's progress along the way.

I really recommend you check out the Fuzzballs Etsy store - the Fuzzballs are super Kawaii and the items are really good quality!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^ (hope I said that right!! ^^; )


Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Aw these are so cuuuuute!!!!

Dannie x

Venus_Angel9 said...

I'm thinking about maybe buying one of these tshirts. If you don't mind me asking, what size did you buy and did it fit true to size? I like my thirts a little tight and have already ended up with some that say one size but fit like another. Thanks for your reply.

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