Saturday, 22 August 2015

Brand Review - Suckered Apparel

With our trip to Japan getting closer, my hunt for the most Kawaii outfits I can find has found some super cute sellers! Suckered Apparel is a brand I found on Instagram two weeks ago and when I saw someone I follow wearing one of their tops I just had to check them out!

Suckered Apparel are a brand based in Austrailia, and one of the first things I have to tell you is how quick my items arrived! It took two weeks from ordering to arriving and it was a completely smooth transaction! Now, onto my items.

The top I originally spotted on Instagram was their Pixel Scout T-shirt!

You're probably already oooooooing over this one, as I know that was pretty much my reaction when I saw it! Its covered in varying sized pixelated Sailor Moon Scouts on a pink t-shirt! I'm so impressed with the quality of this item, the top itself it really soft and the print is of such high quality. The reverse of the top is also covered in Scouts, with the brand name Suckered across the back:

I absolutely love this top and it's already been packed for my holiday! The other top I bought was their Cry Baby T-shirt:

This is another Sailor Moon top covered in Artemis, Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon), Sailor Moon's brooch and tiara and the words KAWAII and Sailor Moon. This is SUPER KAWAIIIIIII!!! ^^ It's on the same pink top as the first so it's also super soft and high quality print and really brightly coloured! I can't wait to wear this in Japan! ^^

Again, this also has the brand name on the back:

This may or may not bother you if you were buying these tops but I don't mind at all! I'll probably also be wearing a backpack when I wear them anyway so you may not even see this part. 

Suckered Apparrel do a range of tops, some kawaii and some quite quirky, they also do some designs as vest and crop tops if that's more your style! They have a super cute website and are also on several social media sites, like Instagram, so make sure you go check them out! 

I have had a super smooth experience as a customer, the tops are super cute, super high quality and well worth the price! They arrived super quick and smoothly. And if you sign up to their email list you can receive a 10% off code! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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