Thursday, 23 July 2015

We met Dempagumi.Inc! ^^

If you read my first post on this year's HJ event you will know that we missed Dempagumi.Inc performing, which was a huge bummer! But there was one consolation prize, we met them!! After their performance the band came out to meet all their fans in the meet and greet area!

We weren't far along the queue and we got so excited about meeting them! We had already bought their album in the market area so had that ready for signing. They also set up a stall as you enetered the meet and greet area so you could pick up some offical merchandise to get signed, so we picked up a small tour T-shirt to get signed so we could then display it at home! ^^

We queued patiently, and then Mr was called forward to the first band member, Naruse Eimi; he was super shy and worried about what to say as we can't speak a whole lot of Japanese. But that didn't matter as the band were super friendly and extremely talkative! Eimi recognised Mr's top as being a Final Fantasy 7 character which was awesome and even started singing the theme tune from it! And then when I approached her to have the CD signed, she recognised my top as being covered in Japanese gaming consoles! Even pointing out she liked gameboys! This relaxed us completely as they were so nice and wanting to chat about what we were wearing. The second member, Furukawa Mirin, spotted my Little Twin Stars back pack and asked me to do a twirl! When I spun round to show my bag the next member alone, Yumemi Nemu, also spotted my bag and shouted out "Little Twin Stars! KAWAII!" As you can imagine I felt super Kawaii!! The next two members, Mogami Moga and Aizawa Risa, also asked to see my bag and when I'd finished showing them they spotted my little side bag that I had hanging off my jeans, it was a mini furry Kuromi backpack and they shouted out "KUROMI!!" ^^ As Mr approached the last member, Fujisaki Ayane, he got super shy as it's his favourite member! When he said she was his favourite, one of the staff members translated it for her and she gave out a squeee! Once she had finished signing out t-shirt, Mr bowed, said Domo Arigato and ran! Haha ^^ As I approached Ayane she told me that her nickname was Pinky and I told her that mine was Pinkuiropixie! She loved it and signed my CD.

It was an awesome experience and one I don't think we will ever forget! They were all so friendly and engaged in a way that made us feel super relaxed!

Here is the CD booklet I got signed:

And here is the tour t-shirt Mr got signed:

This is definitely going on our wall!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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