Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Kawaii Haul from Hyper Japan 2015 ^^

So in the week I updated you on our trip to Hyper Japan 2015 and although we didn't have a very good experience we did manage to buy some extremely Kawaii items!

This year we took my niece Becky who has recently started to embrace her Kawaii side (yey!) so we were both on the hunt for the most Kawaii items we could find! ^^ The first stall we headed for was the SUPER KAWAII Lovejojo! She had created an event on facebook which you could RSVP to and then if you were one of the first 100 people to see her on any given day she would give you a Kawaii gift! Becky and I had both RSVP'd so we flew over to her stall to see if we could get a gift! And......YES! We were the first there!! And here is what we got:

SUPER KAWAII!!! I love ideas like this as they make attending events feel more special! After receiving our free gift we checked out what she had for sale and I already knew what I wanted as I had spied it on her site several weeks before! I got myself a super adorable LITTLE TWIN STARS UNICORN!!

How super Kawaii is this!! I went with the minty coloured one and Becky went with the pink!

They're so fluffy and kawaii! I know mine is going to look super cute on my bed! ^^ 

After Lovejojo we walked over to Tofu Cute who always have super cute items. Here I managed to find some more Sanrio items that I just had to buy! They will come in handy during the summer and when I visit Tokyo in September!

Here is my new Little Twin Stars fan:

This is so cute and such good quality! Even the bamboo parts are personalised to the Little Twin Stars! I loved it and it's just my colours so this had to come home with me! Then I saw a second fan!!

It's MY MELODY!!!! How super Kawaii is this!! And it's also my colours!!!! Again the quality is really high and both are ideal at keeping me cool and Kawaii!!  

After Tofu Cute we visited the Fringe Market where we came across Mon-Chaton-UK. Here I spotted an item I have been checking out online, so when I saw it I knew I had to grab it:

It's a Little Twin Stars Unicorn bag!!!!!!! Squeeeeeee how Kawaii is this!!!!!! Being a HUGE bag fan I just had to get this! I can't wait to wear this out! Maybe I'll have to do a Little Twin Stars inspired outfit, maybe for MCM Birmingham in November!! ^^ 

While I was cooooing over my new bag, Becky bagged herself these two super kawaii Alpacas!

She's got quite a collection going now! So proud! ^^ After Mon-Chaton-UK we stumbled across SMiles of London where I found BOWS!!!! I love my hair bows and couldn't leave this Liquorice Allsorts bow behind, once I spotted it I knew if I didn't get it it would go by the time I came back! So this is going into my growing collection of Kawaii hair bows!

After SMiles of London we stopped by Cherry Abuku who were selling at their last event :( Becky picked up a super Kawaii sandwich!

How cute is this! And while Becky was buying this I found MORE BOWS!!!!

I bought this design in small and large as sometime only a large bow will do! ^^ They are lilac with white stars and yellow cresent moons! Super Cute!!!! ^^

After scouting the fringe market I came to one of my fav sellers, the super Kawaii Roxie Sweetheart! <3

She always has the nicest stall!!! Here I found myself some super Kawaii bows!

I got myself a set of Ghostie hair bows with white fabric, which is something I have been missing from my collection! How Kawaii are the Ghosties! I also grabbed myself a matching Ghostie ring! Super Kawaii!! I even got a free badge with Ghosties on it!! 

I also bagged myself some matching Mystical Mermaid bows:

I just love the detail on these and the lace looks lovely with the bows! Can't wait to wear these!! I love what Roxie Sweetheart makes, and it's all such high quality, I highly recommend checking out her collections! ^^ and she's super friendly!

Well that is the end of my Kawaii haul. Becky found herself a few more bits, and being a HUGE Big Hero 6 fan, she had to find the one stall selling stuff, YY Kawaii!

Here is the bobblehead she bought! Super cute aye!! ^^ She also picked up these two Monsters Inc block sets from YY Kawaii:

I know she's loved putting these little fellas together! ^^

So that was our Kawaii Hauls from Hyper Japan 2015! I have two more posts from Hyper Japan 2015 coming your way, one to introduce you to a new musical act and another to show you our experience of meeting Dempagumi.Inc so make sure you check back in the week for those!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Oh my gosh I was so tempted to get a Sanrio fan from Tofu Cute, but I didn't get one and now I seriously regret that decision D: Yours look so cute!

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