Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Magical☆Dreamin' - Magical☆Change, the Jewelpet theme song!

A collaborative Idol unit called Magical☆Dreamin' has been formed to sing the theme song of the newest Jewel Pet anime, Jewelpet: Magical☆Change!

If you don't know Jewelpet, it's a collaborative range of games, anime and other merchandise between Sanrio and Sega! The range is based around super Kawaii animals with jewel eyes that give them magical powers!

Jewelpet was first released in 2008 and Magical☆Change is the seventh anime series so far!

Check out the video for Magical☆Dreamin's song!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Friday, 24 July 2015

Diancie, Espeon and Umbreon!!

Awesome news for all fans of Kawaii Pokémon - the legendary Diancie is now available!!

Yes, the super cute fairy/rock type Pokémon can now be received as a Mystery Gift in your copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire!

After you receive Diancie in the Pokémon Centre, you can check out her awesome moves:

After you've got Diancie, leave the Pokémon Centre and re-enter to see a cutscene and to receive Diancie's mega evolution stone! Using the Diancite you can evolve into Mega Diancie!

Diancie is only available between 24-27 July, so don't miss out!!

But that's not the only Kawaii Pokémon news! There's a new 3DS theme out featuring a gothic lolita inspired Espeon and Umbreon design - check it out!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Thursday, 23 July 2015

We met Dempagumi.Inc! ^^

If you read my first post on this year's HJ event you will know that we missed Dempagumi.Inc performing, which was a huge bummer! But there was one consolation prize, we met them!! After their performance the band came out to meet all their fans in the meet and greet area!

We weren't far along the queue and we got so excited about meeting them! We had already bought their album in the market area so had that ready for signing. They also set up a stall as you enetered the meet and greet area so you could pick up some offical merchandise to get signed, so we picked up a small tour T-shirt to get signed so we could then display it at home! ^^

We queued patiently, and then Mr was called forward to the first band member, Naruse Eimi; he was super shy and worried about what to say as we can't speak a whole lot of Japanese. But that didn't matter as the band were super friendly and extremely talkative! Eimi recognised Mr's top as being a Final Fantasy 7 character which was awesome and even started singing the theme tune from it! And then when I approached her to have the CD signed, she recognised my top as being covered in Japanese gaming consoles! Even pointing out she liked gameboys! This relaxed us completely as they were so nice and wanting to chat about what we were wearing. The second member, Furukawa Mirin, spotted my Little Twin Stars back pack and asked me to do a twirl! When I spun round to show my bag the next member alone, Yumemi Nemu, also spotted my bag and shouted out "Little Twin Stars! KAWAII!" As you can imagine I felt super Kawaii!! The next two members, Mogami Moga and Aizawa Risa, also asked to see my bag and when I'd finished showing them they spotted my little side bag that I had hanging off my jeans, it was a mini furry Kuromi backpack and they shouted out "KUROMI!!" ^^ As Mr approached the last member, Fujisaki Ayane, he got super shy as it's his favourite member! When he said she was his favourite, one of the staff members translated it for her and she gave out a squeee! Once she had finished signing out t-shirt, Mr bowed, said Domo Arigato and ran! Haha ^^ As I approached Ayane she told me that her nickname was Pinky and I told her that mine was Pinkuiropixie! She loved it and signed my CD.

It was an awesome experience and one I don't think we will ever forget! They were all so friendly and engaged in a way that made us feel super relaxed!

Here is the CD booklet I got signed:

And here is the tour t-shirt Mr got signed:

This is definitely going on our wall!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Introducing Die Milch ^^

Die Milch are a Japanese Gothlic and Lolita inspired group that performed at Hyper Japan (HJ) 2015!

On Youtube they describe their sound as "a mixture of Classics, Pop, and Electro-music, sets off Lolita voice with dynamic violin sound". They performed as a duo at HJ and were really well received! They are super cute and really got the crowd involved during thier "We are Die Milch" song! Here they are performing We R D.M at Club Citta in Tokyo:

Seeing how much I enjoyed their set at HJ Mr sneakily bought me their new album Imperial which was released on the first day of HJ!

We have listened to the album a few times since HJ and I just love it! It reminds me of the sound track to Deathsmiles ^^ As an added bonus to Mr buying me the album, he surprised me by showing that he had also got it signed by the band!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I really recommend you give this band a listen to! They are super Kawaii and are well worth watching!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Kawaii Haul from Hyper Japan 2015 ^^

So in the week I updated you on our trip to Hyper Japan 2015 and although we didn't have a very good experience we did manage to buy some extremely Kawaii items!

This year we took my niece Becky who has recently started to embrace her Kawaii side (yey!) so we were both on the hunt for the most Kawaii items we could find! ^^ The first stall we headed for was the SUPER KAWAII Lovejojo! She had created an event on facebook which you could RSVP to and then if you were one of the first 100 people to see her on any given day she would give you a Kawaii gift! Becky and I had both RSVP'd so we flew over to her stall to see if we could get a gift! And......YES! We were the first there!! And here is what we got:

SUPER KAWAII!!! I love ideas like this as they make attending events feel more special! After receiving our free gift we checked out what she had for sale and I already knew what I wanted as I had spied it on her site several weeks before! I got myself a super adorable LITTLE TWIN STARS UNICORN!!

How super Kawaii is this!! I went with the minty coloured one and Becky went with the pink!

They're so fluffy and kawaii! I know mine is going to look super cute on my bed! ^^ 

After Lovejojo we walked over to Tofu Cute who always have super cute items. Here I managed to find some more Sanrio items that I just had to buy! They will come in handy during the summer and when I visit Tokyo in September!

Here is my new Little Twin Stars fan:

This is so cute and such good quality! Even the bamboo parts are personalised to the Little Twin Stars! I loved it and it's just my colours so this had to come home with me! Then I saw a second fan!!

It's MY MELODY!!!! How super Kawaii is this!! And it's also my colours!!!! Again the quality is really high and both are ideal at keeping me cool and Kawaii!!  

After Tofu Cute we visited the Fringe Market where we came across Mon-Chaton-UK. Here I spotted an item I have been checking out online, so when I saw it I knew I had to grab it:

It's a Little Twin Stars Unicorn bag!!!!!!! Squeeeeeee how Kawaii is this!!!!!! Being a HUGE bag fan I just had to get this! I can't wait to wear this out! Maybe I'll have to do a Little Twin Stars inspired outfit, maybe for MCM Birmingham in November!! ^^ 

While I was cooooing over my new bag, Becky bagged herself these two super kawaii Alpacas!

She's got quite a collection going now! So proud! ^^ After Mon-Chaton-UK we stumbled across SMiles of London where I found BOWS!!!! I love my hair bows and couldn't leave this Liquorice Allsorts bow behind, once I spotted it I knew if I didn't get it it would go by the time I came back! So this is going into my growing collection of Kawaii hair bows!

After SMiles of London we stopped by Cherry Abuku who were selling at their last event :( Becky picked up a super Kawaii sandwich!

How cute is this! And while Becky was buying this I found MORE BOWS!!!!

I bought this design in small and large as sometime only a large bow will do! ^^ They are lilac with white stars and yellow cresent moons! Super Cute!!!! ^^

After scouting the fringe market I came to one of my fav sellers, the super Kawaii Roxie Sweetheart! <3

She always has the nicest stall!!! Here I found myself some super Kawaii bows!

I got myself a set of Ghostie hair bows with white fabric, which is something I have been missing from my collection! How Kawaii are the Ghosties! I also grabbed myself a matching Ghostie ring! Super Kawaii!! I even got a free badge with Ghosties on it!! 

I also bagged myself some matching Mystical Mermaid bows:

I just love the detail on these and the lace looks lovely with the bows! Can't wait to wear these!! I love what Roxie Sweetheart makes, and it's all such high quality, I highly recommend checking out her collections! ^^ and she's super friendly!

Well that is the end of my Kawaii haul. Becky found herself a few more bits, and being a HUGE Big Hero 6 fan, she had to find the one stall selling stuff, YY Kawaii!

Here is the bobblehead she bought! Super cute aye!! ^^ She also picked up these two Monsters Inc block sets from YY Kawaii:

I know she's loved putting these little fellas together! ^^

So that was our Kawaii Hauls from Hyper Japan 2015! I have two more posts from Hyper Japan 2015 coming your way, one to introduce you to a new musical act and another to show you our experience of meeting Dempagumi.Inc so make sure you check back in the week for those!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hyper Japan Summer Event 2015 - My Verdict

Last weekend we attended the Hyper Japan 2015 event at the O2 Arena in London! We attended last year for the whole weekend, but with funds being a bit restricted we only attended the Saturday this year.

I had blogged about the event leading up to it and couldn't wait to see what the new venue was going to be like. I had never been to the 02 before but we did manage to get to it pretty easily from Euston Station. We headed out from Birmingham New Street station on the 5.50am train :o but that didn't stop us playing Sushi Go! on our way!

Once we were at the O2 it was pretty easy to get our wristbands having bought the fast registration tickets, and within 30 minutes they let us into the venue to make our way to the Hyper Japan event. Now I have to admit, I had no idea how the event was going to work in the O2 as I knew there was a ring of bars and restaurants around the main centre arena. Upon entering the O2 we walked to an area where Hyper Japan had been set up, and I have to say, even though I know this won't be a popular thing to say, I wasn't fully impressed. :(

It appeared to be a gated off area of open space that I felt to be much smaller than what was on offer last year. Last year everything was in one large hall so you could walk around each area and not miss events that were happening on the various stages. This year the event was split across three separate areas of the O2, some of which you had to queue to get inside each time you wanted to enter meaning it was possible to miss out on seeing certain performances.  :(

Anyway, we started with the main area of Hyper Japan which featured the Hyper Kawaii area, fringe market and festival stage. First we headed to LoveJojo as my niece and I had RVSP'd her event - the first 100 people to come see her each day got a Kawaii gift!

Here's the lovely LoveJojo posing for pics! To see what we picked up from her stall check back this weekend for my Hyper Japan Haul post! After picking up our Kawaii gift we had a walk around the Hyper Kawaii area; we came across Tofu Cute and their Candy Festival:

This was a really good way for people to try out new jcandy without buying whole packs! ^^ I always love Tofu Cutes stands, they always look soooo Kawaii:

Here was their super cute Monchhichi stand! As well as these they also had their cosmetics and accessories for sale! Also in Hyper Kawaii was the super Kawaii Roxie Sweetheart!

She always has the prettiest stall! Covered in sparkly Kawaiiness I had to pick up a few pieces while I was here! Check back to see what!

After picking up a few more bits in the fringe market, Mr and my niece started to get peckish so we headed towards the food court. On our way we walked by this super cute cupcake stall:

Just look at some of the yummy cupcakes Supercute London were selling! MMMMMMMM

We also came across this very stylish Onigiri stall!

After reaching the food court and securing a table Mr and Niece headed off and came back with Tempura Prawns which Mr loved:

And Karaage chicken which Niece really enjoyed:

After a quick snack, we headed back into the main area where we caught Less than Love playing on the Festival Stage. They were so good! The singer was awesome and played a guitar.

After watching the rest of their performance I set about finding me some fashionable people! I didn't have to walk too far before I came across this SUPER KAWAII LADY!! ^^

Unfortunately I didn't catch her name as she had to head off but if you're her let me know! 

Next I came across this stunning lady:

This is Fifi Evelyn of CandyAtom! I was in awe at her outfit! She was so super stylish and Kawaii! So glad I got this pic! 

Next I came across this super cute Sweet Lolita:

This was so well done! Her outfit was stunning and everything matched perfectly just as it should! 

While watching the Festival Stage I caught this Kawaii lady, Electric Leech:

Just look at her shoes!!! ^^ Then I turned round and found this super cute bunch!

Just look at their outfits!! So cute and gothic! 

After a spot of fashion hunting we watched this super Kawaii duo on the Festival Stage:

This is Die Milch - they were so cute, I absolutely loved them, they really got the crowd involved! 

After doing all we could in the main area we thought we would head to the games area, but then we came across these KAWAII LADIES in the meet and greet area:

YES! IT'S DEMPAGUMI.INC!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Our experience at the Meet and Greet will have its own special post so check back for that! ^^ 

Onto the games area we went. The games area was in a whole other area of the O2 which meant you were mingling with general members of the public who were either attending other events at the O2 or just going to a bar. Once we reached the games area we were made to queue as they could only allow people in with a 100 out, 100 in process. We found this very poor and I think this damaged the amount of people that visited the area. 

Nintendo had a large presence at the event:

As you can see from my pics above, they had quite a large area compared to last year, but there wasn't too many people attending it! There weren't as many sellers in the area as there was last year and it didn't take very long to get around. I genuinely feel this year damaged the event with it being held over so many separate areas. The games area didn't feel like it was part of HJ at all. 

The last area at the event was Building Six. I haven't mentioned it till now as to be honest we didn't go in. To save money, the three of us had taken food and drink and when we arrived at Building Six we were told that we would have to dump all of it in order to enter the building. Which was a serious let down as this was where Dempagumi.Inc and other Jpop bands were performing. It was also where the Maid Cafe was. I can't tell you what a let down this was. We love Dempagumi.Inc and were so impressed that they were going to be at HJ. It was such a let down to have this separated off from the rest of the event. 

Last year, as the event was in one large hall, you could zip over to areas to see acts so easily, this year it just didn't feel like an entire event. I left this year's event glad that we had only gone for a day as we would never have had enough to do across three days. 

This has felt like a very negative post. I haven't enjoyed writing it but I have to be honest, and based on our experience this year we wouldn't attend again. I have read a lot of other people giving opinions on this year#s event and those who have been for quite a few years have said that the organisers aren't learning, and with the amount of money it costs to attend, I wouldn't be willing to chance it again. 

The event had lots of plusses, like the acts they secured, but the whole event was disorganised, disjointed and disappointing. 

I will be posting several other blog posts to show you what I bought, our Dempagumi.Inc meet and greet and more about Die Milch so make sure you pop by for them as they were the highlights of the event! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^