Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Senbon Zakura Hatsune Miku

You might have seen my post about Hachune Miku - well, there's another variant of Miku that has been made into differnt types of merchandise.  This version of Hatsune Miku is from the video for the song 'Senbon Zakura' (officially known in english as Thousand Cherry Tree) and depicts Miku wearing a military uniform. Here's the video that introduced this version of Miku to the world:

The Senbon Zakura Miku has been featured on lots of different items of merchandise, and we won a couple of pieces from UFO Catchers in Taito Stations.  Here's a super Kawaii figure of Miku:

It's different to a lot of Miku merchandise, but she's still so cute!! ^^

We also won this plush charm version:

I particularly love the Sakura pattern on her sleeve, it's a really cute detail!

You can also find Senbon Zakura merchandise with other vocaloids too, so keep a look out if you want something a little bit different from the usual vocaloid items!

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