Sunday, 21 June 2015

Kawaii Countdown - Final Fantasy - Kawaii Creatures!

This is the final Kawaii Countdown special to celebrate the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII remake.  This time, I'll be counting down the most Kawaii monsters and summons from the Final Fantasy series!

First up, the monsters...

5 - Gimme Cat

The Gimme Cat appears in Final Fantasy IX and is a very strange enemy - when you meet it, it demands a Diamond from you!  If you give it one, the ungrateful Cat just leaves, but if you don't (or you try to fight it) the meanie will call down a comet onto your heroes! ><

4 - Mandragora

Mandragora are a plant-type creature that have been in many Final Fantasy games, but they are most Kawaii in Final Fantasy XI and XII. These little guys even have a Royal Family!

3 - Mu

Mu can be found in lots of different Final Fantasy games.  They aren't very strong or scary, but they are super cute!

2 - Tonberry

These creatures first appeared in Final Fantasy V, they might be cute but they are really dangerous! Watch out for Tonberrys!

1 - Cactuar

The Cactuar also appear in lots of Final Fantasy games, they are super speedy and attack using a special move '1000 needles'.

One of the coolest features of the Final Fantasy series are the 'summons'.  These are powerful creatures that you can summon to help your characters fight bosses or other tough enemies.  Of course, there are Kawaii summons and here are my favourites!

5 - Moomba

The furry Moomba is a special summon from Final Fantasy VIII but you need a special 'Friendship' item that you can only get using a Pocket Station (which was only released in Japan >< ).

4 - Shiva

One of the longest running summons, Shiva first appeared in Final Fantasy III.  Her most famous move is called Diamond Dust.

3 - The Magus Sisters

A hidden summon from Final Fantasy X, the Magus Sisters are Sindy, Sandy and Mindy.  They wear outfits inspired by different insects.

2 - Carbuncle

Carbuncle is a fairy type summon that helps protect your characters in Final Fantasy VIII using a special power called Ruby Light.

1 - Choco/Mog

Yes, it's the impossibly Kawaii summon - Choco/Mog!! A super cute Moogle rides a cute Chocobo into battle and crashes into your enemies!

Here's a video by youtube user LetsPlayGGs of Choco/Mog:

I hope you have enjoyed my special Final Fantasy Kawaii Countdowns!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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