Saturday, 20 June 2015

Kawaii Countdown - Final Fantasy - the gals!

Here's the second part of my Kawaii Countdown specials to celebrate the Final Fantasy VII remake - this time it's the coolest and most Kawaii gals from the history of Final Fantasy!

10 - Fran 

From Final Fantasy XII, Fran is a Viera, a species of tall human-like creatures with Kawaii rabbit ears! ^^

9 - Selphie Tilmitt

Selphie appeared in Final Fantasy VIII.  She's a super friendly and energetic person, but she's a bit clumsy!

8 - Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith, also known as Flower Girl, is involved in the most touching scene in all of Final Fantasy VII (and all other Final Fantasy games!).

7 - Eiko Carol

Eiko is a summoner girl from Final Fantasy IX with super Kawaii blue hair!

6 - Yuna

Yuna is the main female character of Final Fantasy X and was so popular she became the main character in Final Fantasy X-2!

5 - Rydia of Mist

Rydia is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy IV and like Eiko she is a summoner.

4 - Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie is a ninja and a thief that you can meet in Final Fantasy VII - if you meet her, she steals some of your things before she'll join your heroes!

3 - Rikku

Rikku is Yuna's cousin and, like her, features in Final Fantasy X and X-2.  In Final Fantasy X-2 she even dresses up as Cait Sith for the 'Mascot' dressphere!

2 - Tifa Lockhart

 Tifa is one of the heroines of Final Fantasy VII and she's a kick-ass martial artist!

1 - Lulu

One of Yuna's friends (and protectors) from Final Fantasy X, Lulu wears a skirt made of belts and carries different plushes to fight with!  She's awesome and my favourite Final Fantasy charater of all time!

There's one character though that isn't a male or a female, so a special mention has to go out to....

Quina Quen!

Quina is a species known as Qu and it loves to eat frogs! In Final Fantasy IX, you can play a special frog catching minigame with Quina!

Come back soon for the last special Kawaii Countdown Final Fantasy post!

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