Friday, 19 June 2015

Kawaii Countdown - Final Fantasy - the dudes!

Final Fantasy is a series of video games first released in 1987 and has sold over 110 million games worldwide! Many of the characters feature in the super popular Kingdom Hearts game series too.

Final Fantasy has branched out into movies, anime and all sorts of other merchandise.  There's even a Final Fantasy themed café in Tokyo!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you can't have missed the huge gaming news announced at E3 - Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake!! Yes, Mr's favourite ever game is coming back and he's super excited about it!!

To celebrate this announcement, I'll be doing some special Final Fantasy Kawaii Countdowns of the most kawaii and cool characters from the history of the games!

First up, we have the dudes!!

10 - Zidane Tribal

Zidane is the main character of Final Fantasy IX - he's a thief, but he loves to make new friends!

9 - Edge Geraldine

Edge is a hot-headed ninja from Final Fantasy IV who specialises in Ninjutsu skills.

8 - Barrett Wallace

Barrett is the leader of a group of eco-activists called AVALANCHE.  He's one of the dudes from Final Fantasy VII.

7 - Edward Chris von Muir

Edward, who appeared in Final Fantasy IV, is a bard who uses his musical talent to help the heroes.  He is probably most famous for being called a 'spoony bard' by another character!

6 - Red XIII

Another character from Final Fantasy VII, Red XIII is a courageous and honourable warrior who fights to save the planet!

5 - Cloud Strife

Probably the most famous Final Fantasy dude, Cloud is the main character of Final Fantasy VII.  In the game there is a mini-game where Cloud goes snowboarding!

4 - Wakka

Wakka appeared in Final Fantasy X and he's a Blitzball player who fights by throwing his blitzball at his enemies!

3 - Vivi Ornitier

 Vivi is the most Kawaii Black Mage in all of Final Fantasy history! He appeared in Final Fantasy IX.

2 - Cait Sith

The 'Cait Sith' character has appeared in different ways throughout the history of Final Fantasy, but he is most Kawaii in Final Fantasy VII where he takes the form of a black cat that rides a giant stuffed toy! ^^

1 - Tidus

Tidus, the main character of Final Fantasy X, is my all-time favourite Final Fantasy dude!

Come back soon for more Final Fantasy Kawaii Countdowns! ^^

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