Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kawaii Collection - THE IDOLM@STER

You might have heard of the multi-media franchise THE IDOLM@STER - the series started as an arcade game in 2005 but has also been released on home consoles and mobile phones and has also become an anime, manga and audio dramas.  The franchise is based around idols and features lots of super kawaii characters!

Of course, where there are Kawaii characters, there's gonna be lots of Kawaii merchandise!! You can get all sorts of figures, plushes, badges, clothing and more featuring THE IDOLM@STER branding and characters.  When we were in Tokyo last year we saw some super Kawaii chibi-style IDOLM@STER figures in UFO Catchers - well, with perseverance and scouring different Game Centers, we managed to get most of two figure ranges (with Mr tracking down a missing one for my Christmas stocking! <3)

The first collection we completed is themed around the Ai LIKE Hamburger outfits - the range featured three idols dressed as 50s roller skating waitresses at an American Diner!

Aren't the uniforms super Kawaii?! The detail on these chibi figures is amazing - from the badges on the idols uniforms, to the fillings in the burgers and even Akizuki Ritsuko's glasses have lenses in them!

The second collection we completed features three idols in the Princess Melody outfit design:

Again, the attention to detail is amazing! Check out the diamond shaped pattern on the Idols' tops!

There's lots of super Kawaii IDOLM@STER merchandise out there, so check it out!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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