Friday, 12 June 2015

Countdown to Hyper Japan 2015 ^^

It's now less than a month till this summer's Hyper Japan event which promises and looks like it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

Hyper Japan is a two and a half day event that will take place from 10th till 12th July and is being held at The O2 in London! The event showcases all aspects of Japanese culture; from fashion and food, to music and anime!

Mr and I attended the event last year and had an awesome time! We bought lots of super Kawaii goodies and met lots of lovely Kawaii people! This year my niece is coming with us and we're hoping to have an even better time at the new venue.

This year's event has a few more areas available, with lots going on. We have been keeping our eyes on the announcements so we could decide which was the best day to go. Unfortunately we will only be popping down for a day this year due to our holiday, but with our holiday being to Japan we don't mind ^^

We have bought tickets for the Saturday as it's normally the more eventful day (and to give us time to recover on the Sunday).We already have a few things picked out that we want to visit and see when we go, top of our list is!!!

I have posted about several times and we love their super Kawaiiness! So when we saw that they will be performing we knew that we just have to make sure we catch them! They will be appearing in the HYPER Live area which features music and entertainment. We also plan on catching Heisei Kotohime who have also appeared on my blog!

I'm super excited to see these two super Kawaii acts perform!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We also plan on catching the lovely May J. of J-Melo on NHK World! She's so lovely and will hopefully be performing "Let it go" from the Disney Film Frozen as she sang the end credits version on the Japanese release of Frozen!

The event organisers have said there is also going to be a Meet and Greet with performers, so we are waiting to see the timetables and fingers crossed we can meet one or two of the acts we can't wait to see!

So that's the HYPER Live area! Next we will be checking out the HYPER Game and Anime Park where Nintendo will be showcasing their biggest event space ever, where you can demo and purchase their newly released games for the Wii U and 3DS (we do love our 3DSs) ^^. Hopefully we will also pick up tonnes of Street Passes as well!!

We will be swinging by the HYPER Fringe Market as I managed to pick up a few super Kawaii pieces last year from people like Kensuke of Broken Doll! This area is full of niche sellers and artists so it's always worth checking out what's on offer!

There is a J Culture area where you can find the more traditional side of Japan such as clothing and food, but it's also where you can find the Technology area, where there will be robots and vocaloids! This is definitely on our to visit list!

For lunch we will be stopping by the EAT JAPAN area as I'm going to try as much as I can before we head back in September! Nom Nom!

And the area I can't WAIT to visit, HYPER KAWAII!!!!

I LOVE THIS AREA!!! It's full of Kawaii sellers of all things Kawaii! Here is where I spent most of my money last year. You will find all sorts of fashions being sold here as well as make up, wigs and more! A few sellers I love have already announced that they will be there and some will be launching their new ranges as well so hopefully I will have lots to show and report on after the event!

Mr is especially excited to try the Tofu Cute x HYPER JAPAN Candy Festival where you will be able to buy 'Tofukens' and trade them in for custom selections of candy!!

This is going to be a great way to try new and exciting flavours and sweets without having to buy a whole packet first, although I'm sure Mr will buy normal sized packets of the sweets he ends up liking! ^^ 

I'm still not sure what I will be wearing for the day, but it will definitely be Decora! ^^ I can't wait to see all the different fashions and cosplayers and do a spot of shopping. I'm also looking forward to what my niece thinks of the event, hopefully she will enjoy it as much as me!

Are you going to Hyper Japan 2015? What are you looking forward to seeing? If you see me there make sure you say Hello!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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I wasn't going to go to Hyper Japan this year... but now I really want to!!!

Dannie x

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