Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mr Takeover - Candy Backpack by Spiral

Hello Kawaiisters!! Mr here with another takeover!

As you might remember, Pinkuiro Pixie is trying to decide which of her backpacks - Little Twin Stars or Tokidoki - to take with us when we return to Japan.  Well, I can't let the side down when Life in the Kawaii Lane hits up Tokyo later this year, so I started checking out some of my favourite sites for a new backpack for me!

I was checking out rollersnakes (an independent skate shop here in the UK) when I spotted this really cool backpack from the brand Spiral:

It features a colourful all-over print of different types of candy! (and you know how much I love candy!!)  Here's a view of one of the sides to show off more of the design:

The straps are padded so it'll be nice and comfortable to wear while we pound those pavements!!
Here's the back view:

A cool little feature is this headphone hole, so you can keep your iPod or whatever in your bag and still listen to your tunes on the go!

The pouch on the front is a good size, able to fit all the essential stuff so you can find what you want easily!

And yes, the print is there on the inside of the pouch too! ^^

I really like this bag, and being so colourful it'll go with all sorts of outfits - so it's great for a holiday where you don't want to take three different coloured backpacks with you just to match clothes! 

It's really good quality too, like most skate goods, it is built to survive falls and scrapes!

Hope you like my new backpack! ^^


Eimear Anne said...

Wow this is a crazy design, I think you are right, it will match everything with so many colours ^_^

{ sparklesideup.com }

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

It suits Mr down to the ground! They had other galaxy designs available, but with Mr's love of candy this just had to be the one! ^^

Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Spiral do really nice backpacks! I really like their galaxy print ones :)

Dannie x

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

They do! I spotted the galaxy ones as well! Another brand to keep an eye on from now on!

Pinkuiro Pixie X

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