Sunday, 10 May 2015

Kawaii Shopping on the High Street! ^^

I'm sorry for being a little quiet the last few weeks. Between work, home and coming down with colds I haven't had the chance or inspiration to blog. But as I'm finally beating the current cold I promise normal service will resume!

So, last week was payday which means pocket money! We are being quite restrictive in our spending at the moment due to saving spending money for Japan so I'm being a lot more picky as to what I use my pocket money on! As we do at the start of every month, we went to Birmingham City Centre to see what delights were on offer and I have to admit I was completely surprised by what I found! ^^

We haven't gone for a smooch round Primark in years as its normally far too busy for us, but we popped in last weekend and I found some of the most Kawaii clothing I have seen on the High Street for quite a while.

Just inside the door they had a large selection of Kawaii tops, both normal and crop, covered in super cute prints. There were PowerPuff Girls, Marvel, Disney, Simpsons and Adventure Time to name a few! After a good look round, here are the two tops I bought.

When I spotted this all over Minnie Mouse print I just had to grab it! If you're a regular reader you will know how much of a Minnie fan I am! This is a super cute light cotton top, with cap sleeves! This is coming with me to Japan! When we go it should still be quite nice and warm and this top will look super cute on the Takeshita Dori! And a bargain at £6!!


Amongst the all over prints was this Kawaii ice cream print top for only £3! In a lovely light turquoise (which I love!) this top has a selection of yummy pink ice creams all over it!  This again will look super cute in Harajuku with a few dessert accessories! Super Kawaiiiiiii!! ^^

Next I strolled over to the sleep wear department, I mean, who doesn't love super Kawaii PJ's!! And look what I found.....PANDAAAAAAAAs!!

This super cute jumper was the first thing I spotted!

With a cute girl panda face on the front (including bow!), this jumper is completely wasted as a bed top, so I fully intend to take this with me to Tokyo as well! This will look super cute on an evening roam around Shinjuku when we nip out to hit the arcades! I can wear this without an undertop and it will save me having to carry a jacket with me on the cooler nights!

There were several pieces in this range that you could mix and match for an outfit, and I chose these:

I love the colour of these PJ bottoms! And with an all over print of the girly panda from the jumper, it's just super Kawaii!!! Now I love PJ bottoms but can say, based on what I have seen on the Harajuku Walks each month, you could actually get away with wearing these in Harajuku as well!! With some carefully picked accessories and top, this could be the start of a super Kawaii Decora outfit! ^^ maybe I'll have a play with these before I decide on whether to take these as well!

The last item I bought was spotted by Mr (he's awesome at spotting items for me!):

Yes, it's turquoise again! I told you I love this colour! ^^ I love hoodies and Mr spotted this in the men's department! This is a lovely thick hoodie which will also be coming with me to Japan! It'll go with most of my outfits and will keep me warm on cooler evenings, and only £8!

So that was my lot from Primark. Like I said, it's not somewhere we normally shop, but I'm chuffed to bits with what I got! They were the right price for the quality and as I normally leave some clothes in Japan to make room for what I bring back, these will be perfect to take with me!

The last item I bought on our mini shopping trip were........trainers!! I LOVE TRAINERS! Especially skater trainers! And these are the ones I found in TKMaxx:

They are white DVS skater trainers with blue, green, red and yellow stitching detailed on the side and back. Even the bottom of the trainers has blue, green, red and yellow specks all over! These are perfect for a Decora look as they will go with so many of my clothes and accessories! They came with two sets of laces, white and pink, but I could buy some other colours and switch them out depending on my outfit! This is why I love trainers like these! And they were only £20!!!!

So that was my shopping trip! Quite successful I think! Goes to show, you don't need to spend a lot to show your Kawaii on the outside!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


Eimear Anne said...

We don't have Primark where I live now but I love the panda pj bottoms! All of my pjs have to be super cute ^_^

{ }

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

They're super cute aren't they! All of my pj's are covered in kawaii characters! ^^

Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

I have some of the panda bottoms from Primark! They're grey, and say "not a morning panda" on them. They are so cuuuuute :)

Dannie x

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

I couldn't resist getting some of this range! I'm really thinking of wearing the bottoms to the fashion walk in Harajuku! Just got to build up the confidence! ^^

Pinkuiro Pixie X

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