Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hachune Miku?!

This weekend we've been to the UK Games Expo 2015 - a big three day event that covers all types of tabletop gaming! We picked up some awesome kawaii gaming things that I'll post about once we've had a chance to play ^^  But one thing I picked up at the Expo was a Hachune Miku plush...

Yes, you read that right Hachune Miku!!

Hachune Miku is an officially recognised 'derivative' of Hatsune Miku! She was first made for a video to accompany a Hatsune Miku cover of a song from Finland and became so popular she was eventually officially recognised by Miku's creators, Crypton Future Media!  She has appeared on merchandise such as plushes like the one I got at Expo and even as a Nendoroid figure!  She has also been featured in some versions of the Project Diva game franchise! That's awesome for what was originally a fan creation!!

Hachune Miku is identifiable by her blank eyes, open mouth and swirly pink cheek marks.  She is also famous for often carrying a negi (a Japanese type of onion, like a leek) ^^

Here's a version of the song that made Hachune Miku famous, 'Ievan Polkka':

Isn't she super Kawaii?! Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Naomin Doll said...

I love vocaloid so Hachune is right up my alley lol :3

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