Sunday, 24 May 2015

DIKawaii - Pom Poms! ^^

I'm doing really well at keeping my New Years resolution of having a hobby day a week and it has really encouraged me to try new hobbies, like crafting! With wanting to make our home more super Kawaii, crafting seems the perfect way to make Kawaii items to our tastes. One crafty activity I have just started is pompom making! Pompoms are super cute and can be made into all shapes and sizes, using all sorts of colours!

I remember making pompoms when I was younger using cut out card board, but have now come across these awesome little tools! Pompom makers!

These are Clover Pom Pom makers and they come in several sizes. The large pack makes pom poms in 65 mm and 85 mm, and the smaller pack makes pom poms in 35mm and 45mm.

They are super easy to use and are quite cheap to buy. I bought these from Hobby Craft and they were £6.50 for the large pack and £5.90 for the smaller pack!

I also got these balls of wool to use from Hobby Craft.

The pom pom makers come with instructions on the back, which are super easy to follow:

Although there are loads of videos on Youtube showing you how to use them step by step. Here is a super quick and easy tutorial I found that shows you how you make a fluffy Kawaii pom pom in less than 5 minutes!

I have tried each pom pom maker and made a sample to show you how easy and kawaii they are:

These took me just a few minutes each! I'm planning to use pom poms to make some super kawaii items for around our home and maybe even in some outfits. To get inspiration I have pinned a few ideas on my new Pom Pom Ideas board on Pinterest!

How about pom pom Christmas decorations? Or pom pom chandelier?

Or pom pom slides, hair bands and necklaces?! Theres so many ways to use pom poms to Kawaii up your home or outfits!!

If you want to see what else I have pinned as ideas then check out my Pinterest. I really recommend these little pom pom gems if you are looking to start some pom pom making! I'm off to make some more!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

So cute :) I like pompoms on hats!

I wish I could be a bit more crafty, I might try and have a go at making something! You've inspired me :)

Dannie x

Eimear Anne said...

I didn't realise pompoms could be so versatile! I want to try some diy too.

{ }

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my post and that it's made you want to try some pompom making yourself! You'll have to let me see what you make! X

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

I did'nt until I bought these little tools! Now I want to put pompoms on everything!

Pinkuiro Pixie

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