Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration! ^^

So this year Disneyland Resort, the original Disney theme park in California, celebrates its 60th Birthday! Mr and I love Disney and visited the original Disneyland Resort on our Honeymoon! Although it's not an event we can attend, I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for anniversary goodies, especially the pins, as I have blogged about before, I'm a big pin collector!

The 60th Anniversary Celebrations kick off on 22nd May 2015, with guests to the Park being treated to a whole host of special events! Last week, at a behind the scenes media event, Disneyland Resort gave a sneak peek at what will be on offer during the Diamond Celebrations, including Minnie and Mickey Mouses Anniversary outfits!

The Park has created 3 new night time spectaculars:

Disneyland Forever

Taken from the Disneyland site, they describe this as:

"Get ready to be dazzled by a street-to-sky experience that’s sure to leave you in awe—it’s so much more than a fireworks spectacular!"

Paint the Night Parade

Taken from the Disneyland site, they describe the brand new Disneyland nighttime Parade as:

"Revel in the glow of one million colorful lights during the biggest, brightest and most vibrant parade in the history of Disneyland Park!"

World of Color

Taken from the Disneyland site, they describe this show as:

"Watch images of characters come to life on a veil of mist, while water forms fanciful shapes in time to memorable music."

This new 28 minute show can be seen in Disney California Adventure Park!

Heres a peek at what each show will be like once the celebrations kick off on May 22nd:

As well as new shows, the Park will be giving away special prizes called the Disneyland Diamond Day Sweepstakes!  There are three types of prizes that will be given away.

Daily Prizes

Taken from the Disneyland site:

"...unique in-park experiences will be awarded to some lucky Disneyland Resort Guests. These same-day VIP experiences include individualized tours of the parks, preferred viewing for evening entertainment experiences and priority access to select attractions."

Weekly Treasures



Taken from the Disneyland site:

"Disneyland Diamond Days will also offer weekly chances to win rare treasures like a clear-crystal Cinderella slipper adorned with a diamond and topaz pendant—or authentic diamonds custom-engraved for the 60th Diamond Celebration! Other weekly prizes include a private party in Fantasyland, a romantic cruise aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat or a tailgate party in Cars Land, with prizes varying from week to week and new chances to win each day."

The Suite Life

Taken from the Disneyland site:

"Some lucky Guests will win an overnight stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite along with a 1-carat white Disney Diamond. The Disneyland Dream Suite is a magical private apartment above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square of Disneyland Park. The Disneyland Dream Suite is filled with magical décor, elegant furnishings and special details that surprise and delight its guests. An overnight stay, including a view of Disneyland after the park Guests have departed, is a money-can’t-buy experience that will be enjoyed only by a lucky few prize winners… maybe you?"

As I mentioned above, I'm a big Disney Pin Collector and am glad to see that a range of pins will be available to celebrate the 60th Anniversary! ^^ The pins will be diamond shaped and feature a memorable Walt Disney quote, here is a pic of what the series looks like:

How Kawaii!! ^^ I hope I can get my hands on one!! I'll also be keeping my eyes open for some of the other Diamond Celebration merchandise! Here's a peek at what will be available:

More information on the super Kawaii celebrations can be found on the Disneyland Resort website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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