Sunday, 19 April 2015

DIKawaii! Dessert Rubbers! ^^

One of my New Year Resolutions was to have a hobby day each week and as part of this resolution I have been looking at ways of creating my own Kawaii items to make my accessories and home more personal to our style, something I now call DIKawaiiing! ^^ Knowing I wanted to try some DIKawaiiing this year, Mr bought me a make your own dessert rubbers set from Kutsuwa! Which if you have read my Kawaii in the Office post from last year, you will know that I already have a nice little collection of Kawaii rubbers at work! ^^ Here is the set Mr bought me from a seller in Japan!

As you can see from the box, the set contains the ingredients to make macaroons, waffles, tarts and mille-feuille. Here is what came inside the set:

Inside the box was a white box, which is part of the set and will be used to finish off the rubbers! I also got a set of moulds and four packs of clay, red, yellow, blue and white! If you look back at the box you will see colours that don't come part of the pack, but you can use what you do get to mix the right colours!

To create the parts for the rubber, you break off some of the clay, knead it in your hands, spray or rub the mould with some water (which helps release the clay from the mould) and place the clay into the right section. Here is how I created a strawberry:

Here is a small lump of red clay, I have kneaded it and wiped the strawberry part with water. Next I placed the kneaded clay into the mould:

You then place the top mould onto the bottom mould:

Squeeze them together until the corners fit into each other:

Then you pull the sides apart and you have a strawberry!

You will be left with some excess clay around the strayberry so one you have teased the strawberry out of the mould with a tooth pick, you can carefully remove it, and ta-da! heres your strawberry!

Super Kawaii!!!

Here are all the parts I created to make the desserts I wanted to make!

The white and yellow lines are twisted and used as cream in the desserts! I have made two macaroons, yellow and pink, a set of waffles and a tart! As this was my first attempt I haven't tried all of the desserts but here is what I did try!

Not perfect, but I don't think they're bad for my first attempt! ^^ Once you have assembled your desserts, you set them in the white box that came with the set, in boiling water for several minutes, then set them in cold water. This helps set the clay.

I really enjoyed this little set and will definitely be trying others! I think practice will make perfect but this was all about having some fun and creating something myself, which I really enjoyed doing! There are lots of these sets out there so if you would like to try DIKawaiiing I definitely recommend trying these! You can even find instructional videos on youtube. I managed to find one for this set and it really helped!

I'll be posting other DIKawaiiing posts from now on so if would like to start making your own Kawaii items, keep your eyes pealed for future posts! You can keep up to date with my posts by following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


Scarlett Juzzle said...

Super cute rubber, <3

Awesome post, I might try and purchase one of these kits.

Scarlett Juzzle

Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

More posts like this please! Your first attempts are so good! Much better than anything I could have ever done!

Dannie x

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

I'm glad you liked it Dannie! I've seen sooooooo many kits of these in Tokyo! Whole aisles in some shops! I'm definitely going to do more posts like this! Keep an eye out!

Pinkuiropixie X

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