Thursday, 30 April 2015

Moso Calibration - Mahou no Juice

Moso Calibration is an Idol Group that began in 2013.  They are based in Tokyo and share producers with the super Kawaii group Dempagumi.Inc!

On 7 April Moso Calibration released its 7th single, Mahou no Juice!

The music video for the track has been released and features the Idols wearing LED light up skirts dancing in Akihabara and hanging out in a Game Center!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sushi Go!

I love playing Kawaii games and recently we tried out a super cute card game called Sushi Go!

The game comes in this colourful tin that looks like a bento box!  The idea of the game is to score the most points across three rounds (like three courses of a meal) - you get points for different types of food: Maki Rolls, Nigiri, Dumplings, Tempura.  Here's a shot of the different cards in the game:

How Kawaii are the cards?! ^^

It's really easy to set up and play - you just shuffle the cards together and then deal a hand to each player.  As I was playing with Mr, we had 10 cards each:

It's helpful to have a notepad and pen ready to keep score at the end of each round.  You play by choosing one of the cards from the hand and placing it face down in front of you.  Then you all reveal the cards you've chosen, before passing the hand of cards to the player to the left (with Mr this meant we swapped hands ^^).  You repeat this until all cards from the hands are face up on the table:

Mr went on a Maki Roll collecting spree, but I focussed on Tempura and Sashimi - I scored the most in this round! Yay!! ^o^/

We carried on playing, this was the result of round 2:

I won this round, but what was Mr doing... 3 puddings?! That's because any Pudding cards you have are put to one side and after the third round the player with the most Puddings scores a bonus 6 points!! The player with the lowest number of Puddings loses 6 points!! (we double-checked after our game and the player with the least only loses points if you have 3 or more people playing)

Also, you might see that Mr used a Wasabi card on a Salmon Nigiri - this trebles how many points it is worth! Sneaky tactic there Mr!!

Here's the third round:

I scored a lot this round with my two pairs of Sashimi - although Mr definitely got the most Maki Rolls!

After the third round we counted up desserts:

Here's Mr's Puddings - I didn't save any though... Thankfully I'd scored lots in the earlier rounds so I still won! ^o^ Yay!

The game doesn't take long to play and we played another game straight away - it's so much fun!  The art work is so Kawaii too, which I absolutely love! <3

The makers say the game is good for children aged 8 and over, so it's perfect to play with little Kawaiisters too!

Have you played any Kawaii games recently? Let me know!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration! ^^

So this year Disneyland Resort, the original Disney theme park in California, celebrates its 60th Birthday! Mr and I love Disney and visited the original Disneyland Resort on our Honeymoon! Although it's not an event we can attend, I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for anniversary goodies, especially the pins, as I have blogged about before, I'm a big pin collector!

The 60th Anniversary Celebrations kick off on 22nd May 2015, with guests to the Park being treated to a whole host of special events! Last week, at a behind the scenes media event, Disneyland Resort gave a sneak peek at what will be on offer during the Diamond Celebrations, including Minnie and Mickey Mouses Anniversary outfits!

The Park has created 3 new night time spectaculars:

Disneyland Forever

Taken from the Disneyland site, they describe this as:

"Get ready to be dazzled by a street-to-sky experience that’s sure to leave you in awe—it’s so much more than a fireworks spectacular!"

Paint the Night Parade

Taken from the Disneyland site, they describe the brand new Disneyland nighttime Parade as:

"Revel in the glow of one million colorful lights during the biggest, brightest and most vibrant parade in the history of Disneyland Park!"

World of Color

Taken from the Disneyland site, they describe this show as:

"Watch images of characters come to life on a veil of mist, while water forms fanciful shapes in time to memorable music."

This new 28 minute show can be seen in Disney California Adventure Park!

Heres a peek at what each show will be like once the celebrations kick off on May 22nd:

As well as new shows, the Park will be giving away special prizes called the Disneyland Diamond Day Sweepstakes!  There are three types of prizes that will be given away.

Daily Prizes

Taken from the Disneyland site:

"...unique in-park experiences will be awarded to some lucky Disneyland Resort Guests. These same-day VIP experiences include individualized tours of the parks, preferred viewing for evening entertainment experiences and priority access to select attractions."

Weekly Treasures



Taken from the Disneyland site:

"Disneyland Diamond Days will also offer weekly chances to win rare treasures like a clear-crystal Cinderella slipper adorned with a diamond and topaz pendant—or authentic diamonds custom-engraved for the 60th Diamond Celebration! Other weekly prizes include a private party in Fantasyland, a romantic cruise aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat or a tailgate party in Cars Land, with prizes varying from week to week and new chances to win each day."

The Suite Life

Taken from the Disneyland site:

"Some lucky Guests will win an overnight stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite along with a 1-carat white Disney Diamond. The Disneyland Dream Suite is a magical private apartment above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square of Disneyland Park. The Disneyland Dream Suite is filled with magical décor, elegant furnishings and special details that surprise and delight its guests. An overnight stay, including a view of Disneyland after the park Guests have departed, is a money-can’t-buy experience that will be enjoyed only by a lucky few prize winners… maybe you?"

As I mentioned above, I'm a big Disney Pin Collector and am glad to see that a range of pins will be available to celebrate the 60th Anniversary! ^^ The pins will be diamond shaped and feature a memorable Walt Disney quote, here is a pic of what the series looks like:

How Kawaii!! ^^ I hope I can get my hands on one!! I'll also be keeping my eyes open for some of the other Diamond Celebration merchandise! Here's a peek at what will be available:

More information on the super Kawaii celebrations can be found on the Disneyland Resort website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Sunday, 19 April 2015

DIKawaii! Dessert Rubbers! ^^

One of my New Year Resolutions was to have a hobby day each week and as part of this resolution I have been looking at ways of creating my own Kawaii items to make my accessories and home more personal to our style, something I now call DIKawaiiing! ^^ Knowing I wanted to try some DIKawaiiing this year, Mr bought me a make your own dessert rubbers set from Kutsuwa! Which if you have read my Kawaii in the Office post from last year, you will know that I already have a nice little collection of Kawaii rubbers at work! ^^ Here is the set Mr bought me from a seller in Japan!

As you can see from the box, the set contains the ingredients to make macaroons, waffles, tarts and mille-feuille. Here is what came inside the set:

Inside the box was a white box, which is part of the set and will be used to finish off the rubbers! I also got a set of moulds and four packs of clay, red, yellow, blue and white! If you look back at the box you will see colours that don't come part of the pack, but you can use what you do get to mix the right colours!

To create the parts for the rubber, you break off some of the clay, knead it in your hands, spray or rub the mould with some water (which helps release the clay from the mould) and place the clay into the right section. Here is how I created a strawberry:

Here is a small lump of red clay, I have kneaded it and wiped the strawberry part with water. Next I placed the kneaded clay into the mould:

You then place the top mould onto the bottom mould:

Squeeze them together until the corners fit into each other:

Then you pull the sides apart and you have a strawberry!

You will be left with some excess clay around the strayberry so one you have teased the strawberry out of the mould with a tooth pick, you can carefully remove it, and ta-da! heres your strawberry!

Super Kawaii!!!

Here are all the parts I created to make the desserts I wanted to make!

The white and yellow lines are twisted and used as cream in the desserts! I have made two macaroons, yellow and pink, a set of waffles and a tart! As this was my first attempt I haven't tried all of the desserts but here is what I did try!

Not perfect, but I don't think they're bad for my first attempt! ^^ Once you have assembled your desserts, you set them in the white box that came with the set, in boiling water for several minutes, then set them in cold water. This helps set the clay.

I really enjoyed this little set and will definitely be trying others! I think practice will make perfect but this was all about having some fun and creating something myself, which I really enjoyed doing! There are lots of these sets out there so if you would like to try DIKawaiiing I definitely recommend trying these! You can even find instructional videos on youtube. I managed to find one for this set and it really helped!

I'll be posting other DIKawaiiing posts from now on so if would like to start making your own Kawaii items, keep your eyes pealed for future posts! You can keep up to date with my posts by following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hime Kyun Fruit Can - Koi no BRKN

Hime Kyun Fruit Can are an idol group from Ehime prefecture in Japan.  They have recently formed a special collaboration with Barysan, the mascot of Imabari City in Ehime!

The group has made a super Kawaii video of the collaboration song, Koi no BRKN, where the idols play a retro game to save Barysan!  ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mr Takeover - Takenoko

Hello Kawaiisters!!

Yes, it's me, Mr, back with another takeover!

11 April was International Tabletop Day, a day when people all over the world have fun playing lots of games with friends and family. It's great fun and a really social event!

As you might already know, Pinkuiro Pixie reviewed the Japanese game Love Letter and its Christmas edition Letters to Santa, but we've got lots more Kawaii games in our collection - so what did we play to celebrate International Tabletop Day?

The super Kawaii, bamboo growing, Panda nomming game: Takenoko!

The story behind Takenoko is that the Emperor of China had sent the Emperor of Japan a Panda as a symbol of peace between the two countries.  The Japanese Emperor has asked his trusted lords and ladies (the players) to look after the special Panda by setting up a bamboo garden.  Using the garden to grow bamboo and feed the Panda, the player that completes objectives worth the most points will be declared the winner!

So, opening the box, here's what Takenoko includes:

The game is really high quality and includes tiles to make up a garden, wooden pieces of bamboo, tokens, a die and even a super Kawaii little Panda and Gardener!  The rulebook starts with a colourful comic to introduce the game, which is really fun!

The game is designed for players aged 13+ and it takes about 45 minutes to play a game.  2-4 players can take part.

So, we set up ready for our game of Takenoko:

You start off with a blue Pond tile, with the Gardener ready to grow some bamboo and the Panda ready to eat it!

You get two actions per turn; you can play a new garden plot tile, which makes the garden bigger, you can move the Gardener to grow a piece of bamboo, you can move the Panda to eat a piece of bamboo, you can take an irrigation channel (bamboo needs water to grow!) or you can take an objective card (either Panda, Gardener or Plots). You have to take two different actions each turn.

For my first turn I placed a new garden plot and drew a Gardener objective card - I like to try to grow lots of Bamboo!  Here's what the garden was looking like after my turn:

The pink garden plot tile has got its first piece of bamboo grown - it's a good job cause that's one hungry Panda!!

Pinkuiro Pixie took her turn next, she played another garden plot and drew a Panda objective card (her favourite... I think it's cause that Panda is just so Kawaii!!).  Here's the garden after her turn:

On the second turn you start to use the special weather die!  You roll it at the start of your turn and it has a special effect! If it's sunny, you get to take an extra action (so you can do three things on your turn instead of two), if it's rainy then you get to grow a piece of bamboo, if it's windy you can take the same action twice if you want, if it's cloudy you can take a token that adds a special effect to a garden plot (either a fence to keep the Panda from eating the bamboo, some fertiliser to make bamboo there grow quicker or a water source  to make bamboo grow far away from the central pond).  The cutest weather option is the storm though; it scares the Panda who moves to a new garden plot tile and noms a piece of Bamboo to help it calm down!!

We kept taking turns; adding new garden plots, growing bamboo and trying to achieve our objectives.  Here's a picture of the garden as it grows:

There's lots more bamboo growing now... I know what objectives I'm trying to complete, but what is Pinkuiro Pixie up to I wonder.....

We carried on taking turns:

Here's a sneaky peek - she's trying to feed the Panda one piece of each colour of bamboo! She's already got a piece each of pink and green; she only needs a yellow piece to complete the first objective! We carried on playing, the garden keeps getting bigger and there's lots of bamboo growing (especially green by the looks of it!) - and then Pinkuiro Pixie was successful in getting the Panda to a piece of yellow bamboo, which he nommed straight away!

So the first objective has been completed and it was worth a huge 6 points! I'm going to have to try hard to win now!

Play carries on until one player completes a certain number of objectives (this changes with the number of players).  The player who reaches this number first gets a special Emperor card:

Each other player then gets one more turn to try to complete objectives and then you add up the numbers on all your completed objective cards; the player with the highest has done the best job of looking after the Emperor's bamboo garden - and the Panda! - and is declared the winner!

There's different kinds of objectives:

On the right is the Panda objective that Pinkurio Pixie completed - eat one of each colour bamboo.  The middle card is a garden plot ojbective - you have to make that colour pattern, but they have to all have water so they can grow bamboo otherwise they don't count!  The Gardener objective is on the left - this is a tough one; you have to grow four Bamboo, each of them three pieces high! (gotta try to keep that Panda away from green bamboo somehow!)

The game is really tactical but it's simple and fun to play. As it has such a Kawaii theme and style it's a great game for all Kawaiisters to try out!  Surely everyone wants a game all about a Panda eating bamboo?!

We've got lots more Kawaii games to play and share with you - so check back for more soon! ^^

Friday, 10 April 2015

Hello Kitty is coming to the UK! ^^

Live Nation UK, collaborating with Sanrio, have announced this week that they will be hosting Hello Kitty Live - Fashion & Friends, a series of shows featuring Hello Kitty, her family and other Sanrio characters! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Live Nation described the shows in their press release by stating:

"HELLO KITTY LIVE – FASHION & FRIENDS gives fans of all ages the first ever opportunity to physically enter the world of Hello Kitty as she takes to the stage live and in 3D for this World Premiere, the latest development in the continuing evolution of this global super brand.

A ‘Pop Show’ in the truest sense, the soundtrack features high calibre artists including Charli XCX, Bruno Mars, Kylie Minogue, Echosmith, Clean Bandit, Flo Rida and many more.

See Hello Kitty like you’ve never seen her before as this fashion icon welcomes audiences into her world in a story that highlights the value of friendship, creativity, respect for nature and a love of learning."


The shows will start with an official premiere at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on 8th October 2015, before it departs on an extensive tour of the UK (see below), and they have European dates planned to be announced too! There will also be special exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise available only at event venues!

The show offers several types of tickets including general admittance tickets, a Red Bow Package and a Gold Hug Package!

The general ticket costs between £20.50 and £28.50, it all depends on where you sit!

The Red Bow Package offers:
  • Reserved premium show ticket in the Stalls (Rows 1-5)
  • Hello Kitty Post Show Meet & Greet
  • Photo opportunity
  • Commemorative lanyard and pass
  • Exclusive, limited edition tour tote bag
  • Crowd-free merchandise shopping
  • Designated check-in and entrance

 This package costs from £90 - £99.

The Gold Hug Package offers:
  • Reserved premium show ticket in the Stalls (Row 1-3)
  • Supercute Friends Post Show Meet & Greet (minimum 5 characters including Hello Kitty)
  • Photo opportunity
  • Commemorative lanyard and pass
  • Exclusive tour poster
  • Exclusive, limited edition tour tote bag
  • Crowd-free merchandise shopping
  • Designated check-in and entrance
 This package costs from £150 - £165.

You can find all the dates and ticket availability on the Ticketmaster website.  Mr and I went with the Red Bow Package as we thought it was the best value (and we will have visited Puroland several weeks earlier and hung out with lots of Sanrio characters ^^)

Make sure you get your tickets before they run out! ^^

Monday, 6 April 2015

My New Little Twin Stars Backpack! ^^

I am a huge lover of backpacks! And I mean HUGE! I have so many I think they out number my shoes now! So when I saw this promotion I just had to click!

While relaxing over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend a promotional status for a shop called Beadesaurus popped up on my Facebook. Beadesaurus are a business I have been a fan of for a very long time, from way back when they used to have a teeny tiny stall in the Oasis Market in Birmingham selling beads for cute jewellery! Since then they have grown to selling all sorts of brands and items, one brand I love to keep an eye out for is Loungefly as I love their bags! I have quite a few of them, both backpack and shoulder and when I spotted this bag on Facebook I just had to grab it!

So here is my new bag, the new Loungefly Little Twin Stars Backpack:


The bag is white with pink polka dots, decorated with an all over print of the super Kawaii Kiki and Lala with fluffy moons, hearts and stars! The print even covers the back of the bag and the super comfy padded straps:

The bag is officially licensed by Sanrio and is new and improved with a waterproof nylon material, fully lined inside with a pocket for laptops/tablets!

The bag has a double zip on the large section of the bag, so lots of space to hang your super Kawaii danglies on it! And there is quite a large front pocket to store even more goodies! ^^

As I said, I spotted this bag over the Bank Holiday weekend and placed an order straight away, and to my surprise (as we don't have post on a Bank Holiday Monday) my bag arrived today! It turns out that the lovely owners of Beadesaurus live around the corner from me and decided to drop it off at my front door rather than have me wait for the post! How awesome and lovely is that!! They have no idea I am a blogger or that I was going to do this post which makes them dropping it off even more awesome!

I know this is not something that can be done for all their customers but I can say that having bought from them in the past, I highly recommend them for service, items and prices! They have free delivery on all orders over £25 which means you have more money to buy that bag, accessory or dress you may find on their site! They have a sale on at the moment too so make sure you check it out to grab yourself a Kawaii bargain!!

Now I'm left with one big dilemma, which backpack do I take to Tokyo? This one or my Tokidoki one?! Or both?! ><

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Pokémon Bank - Special Gift Pokémon

If you are a user of the Pokémon Bank you can now get special versions of the (Heart)Gold and (Soul)Silver starters as a gift!  All you need to do is access Pokémon Bank with your game, either X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, and you can get the following special Pokémon sent via the Pokémon Link feature!

First up we have the super Kawaii Meganium!

The Grass-type Meganium has the Hidden Ability Leaf Guard - this protects Meganium from status conditions if the weather is sunny. To help make use of this ability, Meganium also knows the move Sunny Day!

Next up is the Volcano Pokémon, Typhlosion!

This Pokémon has the Hidden Ability Flash Fire, which makes it immune to Fire attacks and raises the power of its own Fire attacks - it's one tough cookie!

Finally you get Feraligatr, the Water-type Big Jaw Pokémon!

Feraligatr has the Sheer Force Hidden Ability, which removes the additional effects of attacks but instead gives them a boost in power! Three of Feraligatr's attacks have additional effects so with Sheer Force it'll be helping you beat opponents super quick! ^^

You can only get these three Pokémon once, so access Pokémon Bank and add them to your team today!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^