Thursday, 19 March 2015

Our Convention Survival Tips ^^

If you're a regular reader you will know that Mr and I have a fair few Conventions that we will be attending this year! Conventions are still quite new to some people and since we started attending them, people have been asking for our advice on which ones to attend, which tickets to get, what to take etc so Mr and I thought, let's do a Survival Tips post!

We like to be fairly organised to ensure we get the most out of our day so have a bit of a checklist for what to take. If you are thinking about going to a Con this year, this may help!

The first thing you need to think about is is there one by you? You'll probably want to check out which ones are held in and around your area, at least for your first con. Once you identify which ones you can get to, scout them out for what they offer to see whether it covers things that interest you! This sounds like the most obvious thing to say, but you probably don't want to show up to a Dr Who con dressed as Elsa from Frozen!

Once you have decided on the event you want to attend, you will want to see what tickets there are and what they offer. Most events now offer a priority ticket that is slighlty more expensive than a general admission ticket but allows you to enter the event earlier (sometimes even several hours earlier!). Personally we prefer to get the priority tickets as most stalls only have a limited amount of stock, so once it's gone, it's gone. Getting in early also allows you to scout the venue for events that are on before it gets busy and you can also get good pics of cosplayers who have also come in early. For cons that are on over a weekend you can often get a cheaper weekend ticket if you want to attend on multiple days!

Money! Its always useful to take some cash in with you as not all stalls have card machines and cash machines in venues almost always charge for taking cash out and have huge queues! 

So, besides the obvious things - con tickets, travel tickets, purse and phone - what other things might you want to take?

If you plan to spend the whole day at the event then take a packed lunch with you, you wouldn't believe the amount of people that do!  Not only does it save you money (so you have more to spend on Kawaii things!!) but it also saves you time as the queues for food can get very long, very quickly! Make sure you take a few drinks with you. We take two each, which again, saves money and time and means we don't have to keep wandering over to the food area everytime one of us gets thirsty. ^^

If you are taking a camera with you, bring plenty of batteries. I haven't seen batteries for sale in any con venues yet, so you might not want to rely on picking a pack up inside. Don't forget to bring a spare memory card too in case you get snap-happy! ^^  Lots of cosplayers and fashionistas are happy to have their photo taken - so don't be afraid to ask!  It's more polite to ask for a pic, and most cosplayers will strike their best Kawaii or cool pose for you making the photo extra special!  As a blogger I have cards with my details on and I always offer to link through to a cosplayer's own blog, site or social media.

First Aid kit! As well as any medicine you might need (inhaler, insulin etc) we always take something to fight off a headache (just in case!). We also take some wipes and compeed/party feet/plasters with us! Wipes can help you freshen up (it can get quite warm in the con venues with so many people) and plasters are useful for helping you stay on your feet if you get a blister! ^^

We always take a super Kawaii tote with us as not all stalls have bags for your purchases (or they run out) so having a Kawaii tote on you helps keep them safe and adds to your outfit ^^

Phone charger! If you're like me you will be on the net posting pics during the day so you may want to invest in a phone charger! We bought this super Kawaii Hello Kitty charger from Hyper Japan, it is easy to charge and quick to use, meaning you can keep up with your social media postings ^^

If you're a 3DS gamer, don't forget to take your 3DS to make the most of all the Street Pass hits you'll get! Remember to choose the pink tiles you don't have first, then the blue ones! ^^

I hope this has been helpful if you haven't been to a con yet and I hope you enjoy going to these fun events!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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