Saturday, 14 March 2015

New Nintendo 3DS Themes and Pokémon Shuffle ^^

Nintendo appear to be spoiling us in the last few weeks and have released a few more Kawaii 3DS themes! Three new Pokémon themes have been released, and we all love Pokémon don't we!!

The first one is called Pokémon Friends:

This theme displays familiar faces from Pokémon Black and White, when you touch the screen you animate the characters! The theme also features the song 'Let's Go Together' from Pokémon Black and White! ^^

The next theme is called Pokémon Hanafuda:

This is described as an elegant theme, featuring colourful Pokémon Hanafuda cards and Japanese style music and sounds! A bit different to the normal themes but still cute! ^^

The last new theme is called Pokémon: Mega Rayquaza:

As you can see this theme features Mega Rayquaza! If you scroll the touch screen you can see Rayquaza evolve into Mega Rayquaza and hear its mighty roar when you launch software!! ^^

All three themes are availble from the theme shop on your 3DS!

Something else new for your 3DS is Pokémon Shuffle!

Pokémon Shuffle is a new game that has been released on the 3DS for free! YES FREE!!

The game plays like bejewelled or puzzle quest where you match up lines of the same icon to earn points. This being Pokémon, the icons are indeed Pokémon! ^^

Amelia greets you when you first start the game and takes you through the first few levels to show you how to play the game:

After teaching you a few things a wild Espurr appears on the bottom screen!

After a few more instructions you battle Espurr with the pokémon appearing in the top screen and the grid where you will match up pokémon to battle in the bottom screen:

You are given a set amount of moves to beat the pokémon, if you don't then you lose; but the quicker you do it the better as any left over moves are used after the battle! After a few moves, I defeated the Espurr!

If you win the battle then you get the chance to catch the pokémon you have beaten, this is where your left over moves come in useful!

There is a catchabilty bar that appears when you come to attempting to catch the pokémon, each pokémon comes with a certain level of catchability, this is then increased with the amount of moves you have left so the quicker you win, the higher your chances of catching them are!

Amelia appears and gives you a pokéball and tells you to try and catch the pokémon, you do this by tapping the ball:

I caught Espurr! Once you catch it, it becomes part of your squad and you can take it into future battles with you! You go on to battle pokémon as you would do in the game, using their types to match attacks! So as you build up a squad you can tailor who you take with you depending on who you will be battling! ^^

After catching Espurr, the next pokémon appears on the map, and its Bulbasaur! I won't tell you any more as the next few battles add a few more instructions building on what they have already told you.

You are given 5 hearts at the beginning of the game, and like other app games, each time you battle you use up a heart. Next to the heart at the top of the screen above you will see a timer, this counts down to you getting a heart back! (just like mobile app games). You can earn coins to purchase pokéballs from the shop, and jewels which can also be used to purchase items! It's a fun game and quick to pick up! So if you're looking for a new Kawaii game, check it out! And it's free!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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