Thursday, 5 March 2015

New Kirby 3DS Themes ^^

One of the easiest way to Kawaiify your 3DS is to purchase themes from the Nintendo Shop! I have posted before about some of the themes that have been made available, such as Pokémon, Animal Crossing and Princess Peach themes! They vary in price but are generally good value for money! Checking out the Nintendo Shop over the weekend I spotted the new Kirby 3DS themes that have been made available and they are super Kawaii!!

There are three new themes available, and are only £1.79 each!! Bargain! ^^ The first these is the Kirby Sweet Gourmet Race theme:

This theme features Kirby on the top screen, with his mouth wide open ready to swallow the DS's software! The bottom screen is a similar blue pattern to the top screen!

The second theme is the Smiling Kirby:

This theme features a large Kirby that fills the top screen. The bottom screen features items from the Kirby games and Kirby's voice is in the background! ^^ 

The third and final theme available is the Craft Paper Kirby:

This theme features familiar Kirby items and sound effects on a fun, craft paper design! The bottom screen features stars in the same colours as the top screen! 

All three are super Kawaii and will Kawaiify your DS in no time!! 

While finding these I also came across a new feature on my 3DS; the Nintendo Anime Channel! 

This new Channel allows you to stream anime straight from the Internet onto your DS!! How awesome!! Currently the channel offers three series:

 The first series is Inazuma Eleven:

This is an anime series based on soccer/football! Being a big fan of football I will definitely be checking this out ^^ The next series available is Kirby:

If you haven't seen Kirby before you can now watch the series! Follow Kirby on his adventures in Dream Land! Kawaii!! ^^ The last series available is Pokémon!!!

I LOVE POKEMON!! So will definitely be watching this one! You can never watch enough Pokémon! ^^ This is a free channel so make sure you download it onto your 3DS now!

I'm off to watch Kirby! Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Thanks for sharing - I knew about the themes but I did not know they had an anime channel :O I'm tempted to turn on my DS and watch Kirby too!

Dannie x

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