Saturday, 7 March 2015

Models Own Bottleshop Opens in Birmingham! ^^

I love Models Own nail varnish and have been dying to see them open a Bottleshop in Birmingham, and this week, they did it!!!! I have posted before about some of their range and just had to pop into Birmingham first thing this morning to check out the new shop!

We were in early so I could get a few good pics for this post and so that I could have a look at what was on offer before the Bullring got busy. Yes, the Bottleshop is based at one of the front entrances of the Bullring in Birmingham City Centre, and doesn't it look super kawaii?!

After taking the pic above we headed in and as planned, it was very quiet! Whoop!! Time to look about! I was very impressed with the range of items on offer:

All of the polishes were laid out in colour order which was super cute and easy to navigate! I had a few colours I wanted to pick up so the shop being set up this way made it super easy for me to pick what I wanted!

The Bottleshop also has the different collections laid out for you to check out.  The other cosmetics were also laid out in a easy to navigate way! They have a 5 items for £20 offer on at the moment so I took the chance to get a few bits I had my eye on; here's my haul!

I have quite a few Models Own polishes at home and couldn't wait to add some of their new Icing range to my collection. The Icing range aims to give a sweet start to Spring and comes in pastel shades that have a long lasting formula. The polishes also come in limited edition frosted bottles! ^^

There are 5 colours available in the new Icing range, I picked up the 4 I loved, Mint Icing, Lilac Icing, Pink Icing and Peach Icing. There is also a Nude Icing but I didn't think it would go with my complexion so I just got the four! They are so super Kawaii and I can't wait to try these!

Next I bought a couple new Hyper Gel colours:

The Hyper Gel range are strongly coloured and are made to give a gel like professional finish! I have been very happy with ones I have bought in the past so added these two to my collection. Here is the Bermuda Blue and Purple Orchid gels. The swatches on the lids reflects the finish you will get from each polish so it makes it easy to pick the shades you want! ^^

My next purchase was a surprise one as I hadn't spotted this item before!

This is the Models Own nail polish remover! Now I hate the usual liquid removers as I find they get everywhere and when I saw this I just had to get it!!! The bottle contains a sponge inside that contains the remover so you dip your finger in, twist and ta-da! polish gone!!! The remover is frangranced with a strawberry scent too!  It says it even works on glitter!! Now this I can't wait to try! It will come in super handy to take on holiday!

Next I hit up the cosmetics; I already have two of their Lip-Stix and just love them as they are quite long lasting, bright, and not sticky or greasy so I picked up two more shades:

Here is their Raspberry Cool and Beauty Blush Lip-Stix! ^^ So you can get a feel for how they look on here is a sample on my hand:

I have quite a pale complection so love pinky colours, these will look super Kawaii with my outfits! ^^ So I had 9 items in my basket and needed to find the 10th to make the most of the 5 for £20 offer and Mr spotted these super cute bags!

The bag is clear and hot pink and I just love the chunky zipper! This will come in super handy when I go on holiday later in the year to keep all my bits together!!

So that was my haul!! As it was an opening weekend, I was also given a free gift:

It's a 4 way nail buffer! Each side does a different task and these are awesome! I already had one at home and it's super handy, so it was awesome to get a new one! All in all I am soooo happy they have opened a Bottleshop in Birmingham! I'll definitely be a regular customer and have already started a new to buy list! The lady that served us (Jenna) at the shop was super friendly and very approachable so if you're heading in to Birmingham and have questions don't be too scared to ask!

I'm off to experiment with my new polishes!!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Wow you got sooo many goodies! I have so many of their glitter polishes, they are really good! :)

Dannie x

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