Sunday, 22 March 2015

MCM Birmingham March 2015 ^^

This weekend was the 2nd MCM event of 2015, a full weekend in Birmingham! ^^ Being very local to Birmingham, MCM at the NEC is a must for me and the Mr! We chose to go to just one of the days this weekend and were at the event yesterday.

We arrived at the event nice and early with our priority tickets and couldn't wait to get inside! As you can see we were amongst some of the first in there and this was our view from the front of the queue:

First stop inside of the Con had to be Tokyo Toys! They announced on their Facebook that the first three people to visit their stall and say 'I love Coco Monkey' won a Coco Monkey plush! (Coco Monkey is Tokyo Toys mascot!). So as soon as they removed the barriers Mr and I headed straight for them, and guess what........ I WAS ONE OF THE LUCKY THREE!!!! Here I am with the other lucky winners and the manager of Tokyo Toys! (I'm in the pink jacket ^^)

And here is the super Kawaii Coco Monkey I won!!

Well worth getting in early for!! ^^ After this we went for a walk around the stalls to do some shopping. As we are saving for our Tokyo trip we have agreed a set amount of pocket money a month, which this month, we took to MCM! Here is what I got with my pocket money ^^:

First I came across a stall selling Pusheen items and grabbed my self this super cute hand pouch! The tail is attached to the end of the zip and you can secure the zip by clipping the end of the tail onto the bag to keep your Kawaii items extra secure!

Then I got myself a Pusheen Unicorn clip on charm, if you follow my Facebook you will have seen me share these a few months ago, they're super Kawaii!!

I can't wait to take this out on my bag! Will brighten any gloomy day up don't you think?!
I also grabbed myself this must-have Sailor Moon lanyard:

This will definitely help make work a bit more Kawaii!! Next I found this super Kawaii stall called Cherryloco! They had all sorts of super cute accessories and I couldn't resist their Soot Sprite ones! I picked myself up these necklaces:

Super Kawaii isn't it!! There are 4 Soot Sprites on this lovely black chunky chain which I love! I also picked up this more Decora necklace:

This one features Soot Sprites and the stars are Konpeito candy! They are super cute and will Decora up any outfit! I can't wait to wear them! I also picked up these matching earrings:

Again, I can't wait to wear these!! I've wanted Soot Sprite accessories for ages and these are super high quality and well worth the money! The lady running the stall was super friendly so definitely a recommended seller!! You can find more of her items on her site Cherryloco. All her designs are super cute and have an alternative edge! ^^

Next I picked up a few more Tokidoki figures (I wouldn't be me if I didn't ^^):

Here is Rudy from the Punkstar range!

And here is SANDy from the Cactus Friends range:

They have joined the rest of their friends on show in my living room! ^^ Next Mr spotted a Funko figure we have wanted for ages, GROOT!!

Not just any Groot, it's the Dancing Groot!! ^^ And with Groot we just had to get Rocket Racoon!! I love Rocket! <3

So they were my pocket money purchases from the Con. After shopping I got my camera and started scouting super Kawaii people. There were so many different types of cosplay on show, more than I think we have seen before! So here are my favourites of the bunch:

Here are a few Sweet Lolitas I came across sporting super Kawaii outfits! ^^

Here are some super Kawaii cosplayers that I came across. I'm not exactly sure who they were cosplaying so if you know please leave me a comment!

Mr and I are big Harry Potter fans, so I just had to get a pic of this couple, it's Sirius Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange!

Then I came across this super cute couple! It's Rapunzel and Flynn!

Here is an awesome couple of ladies dressed as Thor and Loki!

Such awesome outfits!! Next I came across my favourite Disney Princess, Vanellope! I just had to get her pic!!

Then I came across this super cute Alice from American McGee's Alice:

Then I came across these Kawaii friends dressed as Banana(wo)man and Captain America! Super Sparkly!!

I was catching up on my Street Passes when Dry Bones from Super Mario came strolling past ^^

Also found this super cute lady dressed as Ariel and carrying a super Kawaii Flounder plush!

So they were the Kawaii collection. As it's a con and we're big geeks, I just had to grab some snaps of the non Kawaii cisplayers too! Here is Indiana Jones with old school Captain America!

Here's Darth Maul posing for a pic for me!

Here is a podracer from Star Wars:

And an R5 Unit that was strolling round us in the cosplay registration area ^^

And last but not least, General Grievous:

So that was the year's first MCM Birmingham! We had an awesome time and can't wait for the November one where we might actually cosplay >< ^^ for now, on to Hyper Japan!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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