Sunday, 15 March 2015

Maruneko - Circle Cats!

If you saw one of my Christmas tree posts, you might have seen the one that featured a Christmassy selection of Maruneko!  Well, I thought it was about time I introduced you to some more of the super Kawaii Maruneko - the ball-shaped circle cats!! ^^

I first found this range in Shinjuku in 2010 when I saw them in lots of UFO Catchers - they are little balls of Kawaiiness!! Here's the first four Marunuko plushes I won:

These plushes are about the same size as a baseball and come with a little chain so you can attach them as bag charms! The faces on these plushes are ultra Kawaii! ^^

You can also find larger Maruneko plushes in some UFO Catchers.  I'll introduce you to the ones I've got in my collection:

This pink plush celebrates 10 years of the Maruneko brand, not only is it on the heart on the Maruneko's tummy, but the stitching on one of its paws is also a number 10.  It's got two hearts as a hairclip too for added Kawaiiness! <3

I've also got this golden Maruneko version of a Maneki Neko! It's even got the traditional lucky koban (coin), collar, bib and bell!  I hope this will bring me lots of luck! ^^

These two cuties are from a desserts Maruneko range! The purple one has a maracon on its head and is holding four more (I guess it really likes maracons!!) and the pink one is enjoying itself as it eats a slice of cake - it even has some buttercream icing on its cheek! On top of its head is a little swirl of icing! So cute!

But Maruneko don't just come as plushes! You can also find cushions, purses, charms, bags and even a solar-powered nodding Maruneko:

As the sun hits the solar panel at the front this pink Maruneko rocks back and forth (like the Nohohon Zoku/Sunshine Buddies). It's adorable!

You can find Maruneko on places like eBay - they come in lots of colours and themes like samurai, zodiac signs and Halloween. Hope you like these Circle Cats! ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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