Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kawaii Special - Pretty Cure!

The biggest and brightest Magical Girl franchise of the last decade has to be Pretty Cure! Also known as PreCure, it began in 2004 with Futawari wa Pretty Cure and each year there has been a new series, with the latest being this year's Go! Princess PreCure.  There are over 500 episodes of the anime, 18 films, 14 video games and even an arcade machine! PreCure is a true Kawaii phenomenon!!

The franchise follows the well-established pattern for Magical Girl shows; normal girls granted magical super powers to transform into super Kawaii and colourful super heroes to help them fight evil monsters!  In the case of PreCure, the theme, heroes and monsters change every series - themes have included flowers, music, fashion and more!

My love for PreCure began during our trip to Japan in 2010 - while we were there we saw super Kawaii toys of Magical Girls and saw a few episodes of the anime Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, the seventh PreCure series.  The theme of the show is flowers and the main character is the super Kawaii Cure Blossom! <3 Cure Blossom is probably my favourite of all the PreCure characters! 

Of course, there was lots of merchandise for Heartcatch PreCure!, here's what I picked up in Tokyo and online...

Here's some pendant size charms of Cure Blossom:

Cure Blossom's pose in the second one is super Kawaii!!

Here's a Cure Moonlight charm I got in Tokyo:

You can also get larger figures of the Cures, here's my Cure Blossom figure:

I love the super cute heart-shaped stand! <3

I won this plush from a UFO Catcher - I just had to try my luck when I saw Cure Blossom plushes in the game cabinet!!

From Suite Pretty Cure♪, the music themed Pretty Cure, I have these charms of the pink Magical Girl of that series, Cure Melody! 

I also have these Cure Melody card sleeves for when we are playing Kawaii CCGs ^^

From the ninth series, Smile Pretty Cure!, I was lucky enough to receive a collection of charms of all of the Magical Girls from this fairy tale themed series!

The details on these charms are so good and the colours are super Kawaii!! These can be used in all sorts of Decora outfits either individually or together!

First up is the leader, Cure Happy! ^^

Next is Cure Sunny!

Here's Cure Peace looking super excited!

Now we have Cure March:

Finally from Smile Pretty Cure! is the elegant Cure Beauty:

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! celebrated 10 years since Futari wa Pretty Cure first aired, and is themed around fashion and romance. <3 

I've got two charms from this series, first is Cure Lovely:

And I also have one of her form changes, Cherry Flamenco:

I'm looking forward to finding Kawaii charms and other items from the series that started in February 2015, Go! Princess PrettyCure.  Here's a little snippet from this newest PreCure!

It looks super Kawaii!! <3

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction Kawaii Special to the world of Pretty Cure! Who is your favourite Cure?

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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pokegundam2001 said...

My favorite would have to be a tie between Cure Blossom and Cure Moonlight. They are both from HeartCatch Precure.

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