Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Neon Star has hit the UK! ^^

So back in November I blogged about a new range that Tokidoki were releasing in the US that would be exclusively available in Claires Accessories, this range was called Neon Star!

This week, Neon Star was launched across Europe! (Squeeeeeeeeeeee) I have to admit, I thought it would take longer to reach here but Tokidoki and Claire's have answered our Kawaii calls!! As soon as I saw the announcement on Claire's Facebook I just had to check the range out and I'm so glad I did as the whole range is an online exclusive! Seeing that this was exclusively online, I was worried they would run out so had to place my order there and then.......and today IT ARRIVED!!!! (Squeeeeeee) ^^

So this is my haul! I got a bit click happy but bought everything I didn't want to miss out on! ^^

The first item I've got to show you is this super Kawaii draw string bag:

I'm super impressed with the quality of this as draw string bags can lack quality. But it's super Kawaii and covered in Tokidoki characters including the Neon Star owls! The bag is fully lined with pretty pink material and will keep me super Kawaii at the gym! The front zip pocket has Candy the owl on it which is very fitting with the normal Tokidoki style!

The next item I got was the Tokidoki cap:

It fits my head with room to spare and I have an adult sized head and thick hair! The cap is a cute grey covered in our favourite Tokidoki characters with Nerdy the owl on the front! I think she's super cute as she has glasses just like me! I mean they look just like that! ^^ The peak is purple on the top and black on the underside. I can't wait for summer to come to wear this baby! ^^

Next I got this pack of adjustable rings:

There's five rings in the pack, one with Donutella, one with the Neon Star logo, one a heart of Tokidoki print, one with a rainbow coloured LOVE on it and one with Fancy the owl on it! How Kawaii are these!!

Next I got the netted Donutella beanie!

The beanie is black with the word LOVE embroided on it, with Donutella peeping over the turn up with hearts coming out of her! This is super Kawaii and the net on it is awesome! An inspired piece that I love!

Next I got the Donutella coin purse:

The purse is black with a large glittery pink star on the front, with Donutella and Ciambello! She's handing him a donut which just adorable! He loves the donut so much he has hearts coming out of him! KAWAIIII!!! ^^

Next I got the cross body bag:

This is super Kawaii and covered in Tokidoki characters! It also features two badges, one of the Neon Star logo and one of Riffy! This is a good quality bag and will be awesome at Cons! The stitching on the strap is even multi coloured which again is a sign of the normal Tokidoki style!

The last item I bought was the infinity scarf <3:

The pic does not do this justice! I am so impressed with the quality and brightness of this, it's gorgeous! It features loads of Tokidoki characters and is so BRIGHT! I think I'm in love with this scarf!! <3<3<3

Here's a pic of it as it should go around your neck:

Well that's my haul!! I'm super happy with everything I bought! It was so worth the wait! The quality of everything is so good, much better than some of the items you see in Claire's. To me, everything was also well worth the price, especially when you remind yourself; this is Tokidoki!! <3 It's a great way to add to anyone's collection or to start one! You can find the full range available to the UK on the Claire's site!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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