Sunday, 15 February 2015

MCM Midlands Comic Con - 2015 ^^

Mr and I celebrated Valentine's Day by attending MCM Midlands Comic Con in Telford and it was an awesome event! We were plesantly surprised by how big the event turned out to be with it being so close to Birmingham, as Birmingham has its own MCM events! The event was probably on par to the size of MCM Manchester but spread over two large halls. This meant everything was nicely spread out and you weren't struggling to work your way around the stalls! I couldn't wait to start taking pics and started off with a close encounter with a Jawa! There was a whole crew walking round the queues outside and one got very VERY close!

This Jawa walked over and stared right into my camera lens while another investigated my Hello Kitty backpack! I can't help but find Jawas cute! ^^

As we got into the entrance, you can see how large the hall was and there were two of them!

There was lots of stalls all nicely spread out:

As you can see, we were near the front of the queue to get in! We had priority tickets which I would always recommend getting as you can get a good walk around before the halls get too busy.

After scouting some of the first hall I came across this awesome couple dressed as Bat Girl and Nightwing:

Their outfits were so well done! Loved it! ^^ Next I came across this super Kawaii lady wearing a Super Kawaii outfit:

I loved her tights! Her outfit was so cute! I just had to get a snap of her to show you all! ^^ Next I came across this cute couple of ladies:

I seem to find Totoro fans at every event I go to and it's awesome to see the different interpretations of Totoro! This was super Kawaii! Then I came across this awesome cosplay:

It's Delphox! How awesome and Kawaii is this!! I then bumped into this Pokémon cosplayer:

It's Pumpkaboo!! I knew this lady was attending and was so happy to have gotten a pic of her!! Super Kawaii!! ^^

And to carry on the Pokémon theme, here's Korrina from the Shalour City Gym with Maylene from Veilstone City Gym! (and yes behind them is the Penguin doing a spot of shopping!)

I then bumped into Cruella de Vil! How awesome is this cosplay! (And behind her is an Umbrella Corp soldier checking out a stall!)

Then I bumped into Katniss Evergreen and Marty McFly! 

Then I ran down this awesome cosplayer! It's Lulu from Final Fantasy X - one of my favourite characters!

Carrying on the Kawaii theme, here's Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service! ^^

Super Kawaii!! Love the bow ^^ <3 After seeing Kiki I spotted these super cuties by the cosplaying registration area!

From left to right we have Hatsune Miku, Mami Tomoe who is Noa Cosplay in the middle, and Madoka Kaname who is Tarka Cosplay on the end! After looking Noa and Tarka up I found out they are the 2015 United Kingdom Representatives for World Cosplay Summit!! How awesome and Kawaii!! ^^

After this I bumped into these 3 lovely ladies:

You may recognise the lady in middle as she is cosplaying as Lumpy Space Princess ^^

I also bumped into a Lolita! Super Kawaii ^^

There was a special Midlands based Graffiti Artist at the Con called Kid30 from Smallkid Design who was there to create special Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art! How awesome is this:

There was also a wall for visitors to contribute to with merchandise up for grabs:

And we all know, where's there's Turtles there's a Shredder!

Another awesome cosplay I found was this Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder!

So that's my people pics! Weren't they awesome!! I have to admit, the more I attend Con's the more I want to cosplay! Maybe I'll have to get my thinking cap on! ^^

As well as taking pics, Mr and I scouted the stalls. We didn't take a lot of money with saving for Japan but we had a small list of things to look out for. With our growing love of Funko Figures we wanted to get the Vocaloid collection.....and we managed to get them!

Here's Len, Rin, Hatsune Miku and Luka!! So super happy we found these!! Then we found these super Kawaii Tokidoki figures on the Forbidden Planet stall:

Here's Bruttino, Truffle and Polpettina:

KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!! ^^ And here's Adios and Sabochan:

Super Kawaii additions to our growing collection! ^^ I also got this Donutella plush and Final Fantasy Chocobo hand towel! If you have seen my Keeping cool and Kawaii post you will know how useful these are in Japan so this is going stratight in my suitcase! ^^

Walking past the Tofu Cute stand I spotted this super cute mini plush:

She's called Rosy Wooly! How cute is she! She wears a bow in her hair just like me! ^^ I also picked up this super cute tshirt from a stall called Oh Japan! 

It's covered in super Kawaii pandas and has the word Kawaii across the middle in Japanese! How cute!!! ^^ This is an awesome quality top, they had so many designs available at the con:

I will definitely be popping by their stall at future cons! ^^ Mr picked up these super cute Pokémon magnets with our first (and favourite) starters in! They didn't have a Turtwig on the stall so they made one for us there and then! How awesome! ^^

And Mr got this awesome pizel art style card game that we can't wait to try out:

So that's our lot! We had an awesome day, got some awesome and Kawaii bits and took lots of super cute pics! I recommend this event to anyone who liked this post! We will definietly be back next year! EM-Con next! I'm off now before Darth Vader gets me too!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


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Thank you ;) I was the totoro cosplay

Imogen Ilsabeth Laverick said...

Hello there! Glad to know you liked my costume, great photos! And hope you had a great day :)

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