Thursday, 1 January 2015

Starting 2015 Kawaii with Tokidoki! ^^

If you're a liker on my Facebook you will have seen my monthly pics of my Tokidoki calendar! Well it's a new year which means a new Tokidoki calendar! Squeeeeee! When looking up my 2015 calendar I also looked up diaries as one of my plans this year is to be as organised as possible! Both at work and home, and to help me do that I needed a diary, well not just any diary, a Kawaii diary of course! So here's what I got!

Tokidoki never fail to deliver on Kawaiiness and these two are super Kawaii! Firstly here is my new diary:

Although it does say 2015 on the front of the diary it is a 16 month diary, which started from September 2014, and going right the way through to the end of December 2015! It's a week to view diary which means each page shows a full week, here is what this week looks like: 

Each page is fully coloured and illustrated with famous Tokidoki characters! Next to yesterday's date you can see a champagne bottle being hugged by a moofia character! Super cute! Each day has space for you to write what you need to keep organised, I haven't filled mine in yet, it's one of my tasks this weekend! The look of each week changes with the seasons and is illustrated to show special dates and events of the year. Here is a week in May: 

As you can see the stars on the page have sun glasses on to show its summer! Here is a week in September: 

As you can see 23rd September is the start of Autumn, which is illustrated by a stormy but Kawaii cloud! Funny enough this is the same day Mr and I will be flying out to Tokyo for our holiday! Make sure you check the blog out then as I will be posting a diary of each day for three weeks! 

So that was my diary, hopefully having such a Kawaii one will inspire me to keep uber organised this year! ^^ So it's become a tradition in our house to have a Tokidoki calendar as it brightens each day up and keeps the house looking and feeling Kawaii! Here is this year's calendar! 

It's absolutely bursting with Kawaiiness! Here is January 2015:

A Moofia and Latte are skiing! The look of the month is snowy as it is winter and the characters are all dressed ready to hit the slopes! I won't be showing you any of the other months as I reveal each pic on the 1st of each month so if you want to see the rest go and give my page a like on Facebook! ^^ There's plenty of Kawaiiness to fill up your months between pics of the calendar too! 

Having put up our new calendar, I've been left with the old one, which will not go to waste! I will be getting my craft on and using the pics to Kawaii up our home! With the calendar being such a high quality you can just simply put them in a frame and they brighten any room/wall!

I hope you've had a Kawaii start to 2015 wherever you are in the world! There's lots to come this year on my blog so stay in touch, I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Links to each can all be found on my blog! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters! And Happy New Year! ^^ 


Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

I love these! :D I am so excited for your Tokyo posts now :D I cannot wait to see what you get up to - don't go easy on the kawaii!

Dannie x

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

Thank you for popping by Dannie! Tokidoki is one of my favourite brands! I can't wait for our holiday! We're already planning what to do, see and visit! Tokyo won't know what's hit it this time! Xx

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