Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Seller Review - Di Depux ^^

One of my special 'main' presents from Mr for Christmas was a super Kawaii custom necklace from Di Depux! Di Depux is a graphic designer and jewellery/accessory designer and creator from Athens in Greece. She designs and makes necklaces, earrings, bag charms and lots more! You can browse the Di Depux shop on Etsy

The necklace came in this gorgeous silver and pink gift box, adorned with the Di Depux logo. But, the mystery was, what was the necklace design?! *drumroll* a katakana word necklace! ^o^/

Mr chose the colours of every element, from the acrylic lettering to the chain and Swarovski crystal elements. The word is カップケーキ (kappukēki - or cupcake, which is one of my nicknames ^^). Pink and cyan are two of my most favourite colours and I love the pink chain too!

Here's what Mr had to say about his shopping experience with Di Depux:

I approached Di Depux about a custom piece based on one of her custom listings on her Etsy shop. She was super friendly and very helpful throughout the whole process and the item was sent very quickly too. The quality of the necklace is super high and the Swarovski elements really add a touch of special sparkle!

Di Depux do lots and lots of super Kawaii items so make sure you check her out!! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^ 


Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

AHHHH! I love this so much <3 omg why can't I have a Mr as lovely as yours?

I want to buy myself a necklace now!

Dannie x

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

Mr is now considering opening an academy to train Mr's to be like him lol x

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