Sunday, 11 January 2015

Presents from Iwate ^^

If you are a liker on Facebook you may have seen pictures of gifts we've received from our close friends in Japan (we call them our 'family' ^^). We have known them for over ten years and we exchange gifts at birthdays and Christmas every year! We love searching for special presents for them and always look forward to the wonderful Kawaii gifts they send us!

This Christmas/New Year we received a package from our family full of wonderful and Kawaii Japanese gifts! 私たちの日本の家族は私たちにこのような素晴らしい贈り物を送った!

Our family lives in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. Iwate is in the Tōhoku region of Honshū Island. We have been lucky enough to visit Morioka - it is a beautiful city! Of course, our family often choose gifts that are connected to the city or the prefecture - and the New Year gifts included some super Kawaii Iwate related Hello Kitty items!

First we have this adorable Kitty-chan mirror charm! Kitty is dressed as a traditional diver (known as Ama), and she has caught one of the famous sea urchins (uni) that the prefecture is known for. The charm even features some colourful little crystals and on the mirror part there is glitter in the plastic for added sparkle ^^

Next we have two pink Hello Kitty facecloths - these are super Kawaii and the one on the right features Kitty diving for uni like the charm above! ^^ The one on the left features Hello Kitty in a Kawaii uniform for her job on the Santetsu! This train goes along the coast of Iwate by the Pacific Ocean.

Next we have some Gotochi Kitty charms that display some of the wonderful things about Iwate and Morioka! This charm features Kitty peeking out of a famous Nambu Ironware kettle!

Here's Kitty enjoying some of the famous Morioka Reimen noodles! Morioka is actually famous for three different types of noodle! 

Finally we have Kitty with the Chūson-ji temple from Hiraizumi in Iwate. This temple is a World Heritage site and it is such a beautiful place.

We also received some other wonderful gifts (we are so lucky!). Here's matching Kawaii toothbrush holders for Mr and me! The silver stars add such a Kawaii touch!

Here is a gorgeous 2015 desk calendar - I will be using it at work to count down until our trip to Japan! ^^

I also received an eye mask to help relax and take away stress ^^ I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Mr received this awesome model kit of samurai armour! This is from the world-famous Japanese store, MUJI. Mr will have fun putting this model together!

We also received these Imabari Towels. These are from Imabari City, Ehime prefecture on Shikoku island. They are super soft and the design is super Kawaii! The sheep is so cute - and of course, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep! ^^

Finally we have some very special New Year KitKats in collaboration with Japan Post! They came in this super Kawaii bag ^^

The KitKats feature Kawaii sheep doing traditional Japanese New Year's activities - and the bag included a super cute Iwako eraser of a post office van (another eraser to add to my collection!) 

On the back of each KitKat there is an envelope where you can put a little message before posting ^^

We love our super Kawaii gifts and can't wait to meet up with our family again when we visit Japan later this year! ^^ 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^ 

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