Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Minnie Obsession ^^

I often get told by people I know that when they see something Hello Kitty they think of me, which is an awesome compliment! What most people don't know, or have forgotten, is that I am actually a HUGE Minnie Mouse fan and collector too! Minnie Mouse has been close to my heart for a very long time, so close that when Mr and I got married, part of our Honeymoon was spent staying at Disney in California, the very first Disney theme park ^^ just so I could meet her!

I have been collecting Minnie Mouse items for a long time and have managed to build up quite a collection (although theres always room for more ^^). Some of my favourite items are plushes, I love picking up new, uncommon plushes. Here is a pic of some of my plush collection:

One of the first presents Mr bought me was a Minnie Mouse; the largest one in the pic above. She is wearing a gorgeous pink polka dot dress and matching bow and she sits in our bedroom watching over all of my other Kawaii collections ^^. Some of the plushes were picked up on our Honeymoon as they had such a kawaii range available while we were there! Here are some plushes of Minnie Mouse dressed as some of the Disney Princesses:

Starting on the left, we have Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and finally Sleeping Beauty! ^^ Aren't they just super Kawaii!! ^^ Who knew Minnie loves to cosplay! I have quite a collection of classicly dressed Minnies but thought I would use this post to show you some of the more different plushes. Here are a few more cosplaying Minnie Mouses:

Starting on the left we have Minnie dressed as a character from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, then Tinkerbell, The Evil Queen from Snow White and then Cruella de Vil. The Queen and Cruella are from Halloween series that Disney have done in the past.

My most favourite plush of all has to be this one:

This is Minnie dressed in a traditional Kimono with matching shoes and accessories. Her Kimono has a fur lined collar, much like the ones you may have seen young ladies wearing as they attend Coming of Age ceremonies this week in Japan! Her features are of a more old skool Minnie Mouse which I think adds to the whole look. I love this plush! ^^

Mr and I love Disney and have visited Tokyo Disney when visiting Tokyo. Tokyo Disney was the first Disney theme park outside of the USA and is a must for any Disney fan visiting Japan! When we first visited Tokyo Disney, it rained all day and everyone headed into the shops to find items to help keep them warm and dry when walking about. One of the most popular items amongst Kawaii visitors was this Minnie Mouse hood!

As you can see its a leopard print Minnie Mouse hood with ears and a bow! As soon as I saw it i knew I just had to buy it! I have worn it during the winter and it still keeps me warm and Kawaii when out and about, I have even drawn compliments from people which is always nice! ^^

On our visit last year I picked up this super Kawaii head band to wear when walking about to show my love for Minnie:

If you are a regular visitor you may recognise this bow, it is the one I am wearing in my profile picture! Yes, I was strolling round Tokyo Disney, looking for a spot to sit and watch the main parade when I saw my shadow and thought it would make a Kawaii pic! Who'd have known it would be used as my profile pic!

Disney is very popular in Japan and you can find goodies all over the place featuring Disney characters! You can often find Disney themed prizes in UFO Catchers, here is an awesome prize Mr won last year:

I think this is extra Kawaii as Minnie Mouse is wearing large geek framed glasses, just like I do! ^^ I have lots of Minnie collections that I want to share with you so make sure you come back or subscribe to my social media pages! So, are you a Disney fan? Do you have a favourite Disney character?

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

I love your collection! I think my favourite Minnie there is your favourite too, I love her shoes! And the Disney princesses are adorable too!

Dannie x

Ged Humphreys-de Meyer said...

Awesome post! I've always been a fan a Mickey and his gal. Minnie with her kimono is 'heart explodingly' cute! :-)

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