Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kawaii Snow in Tokyo! ^^

It's been trying to snow here in the West Midlands over the last few days (and in Tokyo from pics I've seen!). We've had a dusting of snow here and there, and it's made Mr and I look over some pics we took last year!

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that Mr and I went on holiday to Tokyo last February. While we were there Tokyo suffered the worst snow fall in 75 years and we have to admit, it was amazing to be there and experience it! We had been to Tokyo before but they were suffering a heat wave so it was a very different experience to being there with so much snow!

As well as it being amazing to see Tokyo sights in snow, it was also amazing to see how imaginative people were with it! I took lots of pics and narrowed down these to show you some of the super Kawaii sights of snow in Tokyo!!

Firstly I'm going to show you some of the various snowmen that appeared around the streets of Shinjuku and Harajuku!

These were the first snowmen we came across. They really caught our eye as they were on top of a building sign at the bottom of a skyscraper just down from our hotel! With it being the business disctrict you don't normally see sights like this, its normally lots of people in suits etc so this was super Kawaii to see! ^^

From here we hopped on the Yamanote to Harajuku! Now here we found lots of snowmen! This snowman was dressed up with a hat and scarf and some sun glasses!

This was a group of snowmen outside a shop on Cat Street! One has ears and the middle one has a top hat! How super Kawaii!!^^

Here's another quite round snowman that we found outside a hat shop in Harajuku! As you can see, he's also dressed up in a snazzy hat!

Here's another snowman we found outside an office building. He's got stick arms with gloves and has a snow ball all ready to throw!!

The snow lasted quite a few days so we managed to take some super kawaii snow pics in quite a few different places! One day we went up Tokyo Tower and it was awesome to see the snow from above! One of my favourite pics was this building I spotted which looks like it has the face of a storm trooper on it! What do you think?

Well that's what I see anyway ^^

It had snowed when we visited Tokyo Disneyland and we even found some super Kawaii snow sculptures made by visitors there!

Here's a Mickey Mouse snowman we found at the fountain in Toon Town! Super Kawaii!! ^^

And here is Donald and Daisy Duck having a smooch!! How super Kawaii is this!! ^^

Now if you are ever in Tokyo when it snows, make sure you visit Yoyogi Park!! It's right next to the station in Harajuku and packed full of creative and imaginative people, and the day we popped in was no exception! Here are some of the pics we took in the Park:

First, a humble little snowman, with a face made up of leaves ^^

Then there was this crazy snowman! With spikey hair and mouth! I loved his cheeky smile ^^

Then, hiding in the bushes we came across...........a wild Diglett!!

How Kawaiiiiiiii! ^^ I love Pokémon <3 And there was more Kawaiiness in the park!

Here's Kirby!! The super Kawaii Nintendo character! ^^ He was HUGE!!! I was in awe of this! So imaginative and so very well done!

We had the pleasure of watching this being made! It's a snowman sitting on a bench, wearing a hat, sunglasses, scarf and gloves. Holding a coffee and wearing headphones!!

Here is a giant llama!

And here is an igloo that was being built by quite a few people! They had a rubber mould to make snow bricks and were inviting people walking by to come and join in!

These were the creators of Kirby!! We didn't get to see the final look of it but they are in the middle of creating a Lapras!! Another Kawaii Pokémon! ^^

We managed to spot a few more mini snowmen too! Here's a Kawaii couple!

 This one has little snow arms!

And here's my attempt, not the greatest but not bad considering my hands were frozen ><

The snow made for some beautiful photos of the park, here is one I took before we headed back for some warmth:

So that was the Kawaii snow in Tokyo!! I hope you enjoyed seeing these pics, and I hope that if you get snow wherever you are they inspire you to go out and make something Kawaii with it! ^^ I know I will if it ever sticks here!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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