Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Kawaii Countdown - Ice Type Pokémon!

You might remember the Kawaii Countdown of Pokémon You Might Not Know, well as the weather here has turned very cold, here's my top 5 kawaii Ice type Pokémon!

5 - Castform

Castform changes its appearance depending on the weather - so right now it would look like this!

4 - Amaura

This Ice and Rock type cutie first appeared in Pokémon X and Y and can be brought back to life from a fossil!

3 - Glaceon

This is the Ice type that evolves from Eevee. In the anime, May has a Glaceon! ^^

2 - Cubchoo

Cubchoo's name in Japanese is Kumasyun - but in both languages is is named after the animal (cub/bear) and the sound of a sneeze!

1 - Vanillite

An ice cream Pokémon?! Too cute! Vanillite was designed by a British graphic desinger that works for Game Freak!

Stay warm kawaiisters! ^^

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