Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Stocking Haul! ^^

This is my second post on my Christmas haul from Mr, the first was my 6% Dokidoki haul! Mr is a ninja when it comes to finding me presents and this year was no exception! He always manages to find me new Kawaii items, items I've had my eye on and some that complete existing collections! This post covers these presents that I got! The first two presents I've got to show you are to be used with my Instax Camera which I blogged about a while ago. Here's the first present:

This is a set of super Kawaii frames for the Polaroid pictures that are printed from the Instax camera. They are teeny and come in a cute range of colours; green, yellow, blue, pink and purple. I I think I will save these for special photos! 

The next items are these Polaroid film skins:

These are used by sticking them over the Polaroid picture that is printed from the Instax camera and are a super cute way to Decora and Kawaii up a pic! I can't wait to use these!

The next item I got was this Kawaii make your own rubber desserts set! If you saw my Kawaii in the office post back in March last year then you will have seen that I do love my Kawaii rubbers and already have a small collection at work! Mr tracked down this cute set for me from Japan so that I could make my own rubbers and build on my collection! Which will also help make my desk more Kawaii (you can't have too much Kawaii even at work!) ^^ 

This is the next present I got! This is for a Chibi themed board game and is a limited edition cat girl called Nyan Nyan! How Kawaii is she?! ^^ very that's how much!!

This is the reverse side of the box and you can see what her she looks like at the bottom right side of the box: 

As you can she needs painting before we play so I will update you on that once she's done! 

The next present I got was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu related: 

This is my third KPP phone case! As you can see its for a 4/4s which I have and it's super Kawaii! Even more of a reason to stick to my old phone ha ha ^^ 

The next presents I got are from the super Kawaii series Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! 

These are two charms of one of the main characters, Aino Megumi. Here is her alter ego Cure Lovely: 

And here is one of her form changes, Cherry Flamenco! 

I love charms like these as you can use them for accessories by, for example, putting them on a neck chain! ^^ 

The next present is one that completes a set! When we were in Tokyo last year, I managed to win two figures that were part of a set of three, unfortunately the third was just too hard to win, but Mr has managed to track her down to complete the set! 

Now I have the full set I can do a special post on the range so keep your eyes peeled for that one! 

Now it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get something Minnie Mouse and this is what Mr got for me! It's a Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum! 

The next present I got came all the way from the Pokemon Centre in Tokyo! 

This was part of a special promotion at the Pokemon Centre which was called Espurr Wanted. It is a super Kawaii vanity/pencil case! It's got lovely illustrations on it, here is a close up for you:

This will come in very handy in carrying round my Kawaii essentials in my bag! ^^ 

Mr says he got me this next present because he loves the green alien men in Toy Story ^^ which is a good thing because so do I! This is a super cute mini bag from Tokyo Disney! 

It comes with a strap that is quite long and can also be added to a belt as you can see from the back: 

This will come in super handy at any cons I attend as I can keep my purse and camera close to hand! 

The next present are these ultra Kawaii magnets: 

They are part of the 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty range and has Hello Kitty, dressed as Kuromi, giving Kuromi a big hug!
The next present I got was this cotton tote: 

This was released as part of the Harajuku Kawaii!! event held in Harajuku in 2014 and has the word Kawaii printed all over it! 

And in big letters on the back! Kawaiiiiiii ^^ 

The next present I got was a set of 4 hair bows (I love hair bows!) that Mr got from a seller called KawaiiAsHellx from Etsy.  

The top bow is of the super Kawaii siblings Kiki and Lala, Little Twin Stars. The black bow is an Alice in Wonderland themed bow, the pink bow on the right is of Sylveon the fairy Eevee and the bottom bow features a super Kawaii panda! (I love pandas!) ^^ 

The last presents I got in my stocking were card game themed!!!! 

Firstly I got a Rainbow Dash Deck Box to hold my playing cards! But that wasn't just it, inside were some awesome Pokemon cards!

The cards on the right is a full play set of the Fairy Garden cards which are especially good in a fairy themed deck, which is what I have been using recently! The cards on the left is a full play set of shiny full art Pokemon Centre ladies! Aka Nurse Joy! ^^ The art work on these cards are so Kawaii and will make beating Mr at Pokemon even more cute!  The rest of my presents fall into little collections so pop by this week to check out the rest of what I got! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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