Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Seller Review - Rosewine's Kawaii-eek Boutique

The weather is getting very rainy these days, and my old Hello Kitty umbrella was looking a little worse for wear so Mr surprised me with a super Kawaii new umbrella! The design features all the different types of Pokémon that Eevee can evolve into.

From the top, going clockwise, these are: Leafeon (grass type), Glaceon (ice type), Umbreon (dark type), Espeon (psychic type), Flareon (fire type), Jolteon (electric type), Vaporeon (water type) and most Kawaii of all Sylveon (fairy type).

This umbrella was designed and sold by Rosewine's Kawaii-eek Boutique on Etsy and is really lovely quality. The umbrella has a collapsible handle so can fit in your favourite Kawaii bag ^^

Rosewine has lots of super Kawaii items including badges, charms, bags and pouches inspired by Pokémon, Mario and Adventure Time amongst others.  When Mr bought the umbrella he ordered this super Kawaii lanyard for my pink Gameboy Colour ^^

This gorgeous lanyard features all the starter Pokémon from the first games through to X and Y, it even features Pikachu who was the star of Yellow Edition. I love that it includes some of my favourites like Turtwig and Chespin <3

Mr says that the items came in good time (from the USA to the UK) and were well packaged too.  We definitely recommend checking out Rosewine's Etsy shop!

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Dannie - Famous in Japan said...

Oh my god I need that umbrella in my life! Thank you so much for sharing <3

Dannie x

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