Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Mini Hello Kitty Tree ^^

So Sunday I showed you our main Christmas tree, all pink, blue and glittery! And I told you that putting up our decorations was a week long process! Well we have now put up our mini Hello Kitty tree!

Over the last few years we've collected several ranges of Sanrio Licensed Hello Kitty Christmas decorations. The ranges show Kitty dressed in lots of festive and Christmassy outfits! They are super kawaii! Here are some of my favourites from this years tree! 

Here is Hello Kitty dressed as a powder blue fairy! With teeny white wings and a silver glittery wand! ^^ 

Here she is dressed as a Kawaii penguin holding a fish! You can even spot her iconic bow poking out from under her outfit! 

Here she is hiding in the tree taking a pic of me while I'm taking a pic of her! Kawaii! 

Here's Kitty dressed in a super cute winter outfit, she's ready for the snow, including some fluffy glittery booties! 

Here she is as a snow kitty! She's wearing a Kawaii Santa hat and her bow is a Christmassy flower! 

And here she is dressed as Kitty Claus! HoHoHo ^^ 

The tree is topped with a pink leopard print Hello Kitty plush that I won in a UFO grabbing machine in Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise in Odaiba ^^ 

So that's tree number two done! Check back later in the week to see our third! You'll love it! 
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